Dicota Brilliant Gel

Brilliant Gel
Display and case cleaning gel
Perfect care and cleaning for all popular displays, keypads
and cabinets due to its gentle treatment of surfaces. Just
spray Brilliant Gel on the surface without diluting it and use a
clean cloth to wipe it off! This brand-new gel composition
allows for drop-free and clean application. The fine protective
film has an antistatic effect and inhibits static charges. It is
very economical in application. Brilliant Gel is delivered in a
CFC-free pump bottle including a cleaning cloth.
Perfect care and cleaning for all popular displays, keypads
and cabinets. very gentle. simply spray and wipe with a clean
cloth. drop-free and clean application with the special gel
composition. anti-static. economical application.
ATTENTION: Do not drink! Do not spray into the eyes! Keep
out of the reach of children!Please read the supplementary
information in the package before use!
Art. Nr.: Z10958Z (white/transparent)
Material: Plastic
DICOTA House, Eastheath Avenue, Wokingham
RG41 2PR Berkshire
Phone: +44 - 870 - 382 1000
FAX: +44 - 870 - 382 1000
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