AV Docking Kit
Dock, connect and share
Dock your player to stereo & TV anytime
Dock your GoGear to enjoy superb sound and share pictures with the compact docking cradle
PAC005. Just dock to connect your GoGear to the stereo or TV and charge directly from a power
source. For more freedom, there's the IR remote control.
Easy stereo access
• Use the dock to connect to your stereo for superb sound
• Remote access via IR remote control
Easy TV access
• Dock and connect to the TV to share pictures in a slide show
Easy charging
• Park your GoGear in your dock and charge it
Compatible with
• GoGear HDD6320/6330/6335
AV Docking Kit
Technical specifications
Product highlights
Audio output: 3.5mm jack
Docking connector: 30 pins female & male
IR port: IRDA
Line in: 3.4mm jack
TV-out: 3.5 mm
• Remote control: 5 keys IR remote control
• Cables: Audio Cable x 1 (AY3917) Video Cable
x 1 (AY3918)
• Quick start guide
• Remote control: IR, 5 keys (AY5500)
Green Specifications
• Lead-free soldered product
• Product dimensions (WxDxH): 84.5 x 50.5 x
15.2 mm
• Product weight (g): 134 g
• Mains power: 3.3 V, 100 mA (from main unit)
Stereo connection
Enjoy your music from the player through the superb
speakers of your stereo system. Simply connect the
docking cradle to your stereo via the audio cable. Once
you dock the player to the docking cradle, it will play the
music via your stereo system.
Access via IR remote control
TV slide show
Share your pictures from your player on the TV screen
with friends. Simply connect your docking cradle to your
TV via the video cable. Once you dock your player, you
can enjoy the pictures on the screen directly from the
Dock and charge your GoGear
GoGear HDD6320/6330/6335
Date of issue 2005-11-23
Version: 1.0
12 NC: 9073 101 02216
EAN: 87 10895 91431 4
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