Philips SCD487 DECT baby monitor

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DECT baby monitor
Guaranteed zero interference
With DECT digital technology
Enjoy complete reassurance. With DECT digital technology, you are guaranteed a
secure, zero interference connection between you and your baby. Soothing your baby
is simple with the glowing, starry night-light on the baby unit.
Complete peace of mind
• Guarantees zero interference from any other device
• Uses lights to indicate if the baby makes noise.
• Indicates a continuous connection between the two units.
• Provides the ability to allow you to talk back to the baby
Ultimate mobility in and around the house
• Small, mobile parent unit to freely roam around the house.
• 300M range ensures secure reception in and around the house.
Soothing words
• Comforts the baby in the dark with soothing stars
For preview purpose only
DECT baby monitor
Technical specifications
Product highlights
Technical Specifications
• Operating temperature range: 0 .. 40 °C
• Storage temperature range: -20 .. +60 °C
• System check: Battery check light, System check
alarm, System check light
• Volume control
Small, mobile parent unit
Allows you to freely roam around the house due to the
small size, but still hear when your baby needs you.
With a range up to 300M
With a range up to 300M you are ensured a secure
reception in and around the house.
• Frequency band: DECT
• Automatic channel selection
• Number of channels: 120
Auto out of range warning
Battery low indication
Night light
Power on indication
Sound-level lights
• AC/DC Adaptor: 9VDC, 300mA, 3V6DE,
• Belt clip
• DFU / User Manual: Danish/Norwegian, Dutch,
English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Italian,
Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish
• Power supply: AC/DC Adapter
• Rechargeable: no
Date of issue 2006-09-26
Version: .0
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Provides the ability to allow you to talk back to the baby
Starry night-light
Nightlight with soothing stars to comfort your baby.