Philips Bagless Vacuum Cleaner AutoClean filter

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Bagless Vacuum Cleaner
with AutoClean filter
Performs stronger for longer
Self-cleaning filter, no bag required
Optimal cleaning power every time
• AutoClean filter optimizes suction power
Cleaning perfection
• Efficient 2000W motor generating 400W max. suction power
Doesn`t miss a spot
• Tri-Active nozzle cleans your floor in three different ways
Traps dust and allergens inside
• HEPA 12 filter with 99.5% filtration of dust
For preview purpose only
Bagless Vacuum Cleaner with AutoClean filter
Technical specifications
General specifications
• Model
• Special nozzle: NA
• Accessories: Crevice, Small Nozzle, Brush
• Accessory storage: Handgrip
Max. input power: 2000 W
IEC input power: 1800 W
Max. suction power: 400 W
Airflow: 37 l/s
Vacuum: 33 kPa
Vacuum cleaner specifications
Product highlights
IR remote control: NA
Noise level Lc IEC: 78 dB
Outlet filter: Super Clean Air HEPA
Standard nozzle: Tri-Active, dark
Dust capacity: 1.5 l
Action radius: 12 m
Cord length: 9 m
Tubes: Lacquered slide TT
Coupling: Button
Park / storage assist: Park / storage
Handgrip: Top
Wheels material: Rubber
• Colour(s): Pearl Silver
• Electronic power control: Buttons
Date of issue 2006-09-28
Version: .0
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AutoClean filter
After every cleaning job, a simple push of a button will
activate a rattle that thoroughly shakes the dust from
the filter pleats into the dust bucket. Now the airflow is
no longer blocked by the dust in the filter and suction
power is almost like new.
Tri-Active nozzle
The Tri-Active nozzle cleans your floor in three different
ways in just one sweeping motion. Thanks to the double
hinge and the aerodynamically designed suction channel
the effectiveness of the suction power is optimised. Two
side brushes sweep up the dust and dirt closely
alongside furniture and skirting boards where dust
tends to pile up. And a larger opening at the tip of the
nozzle easily sucks up bigger particles such as bits of
paper, paperclips, crumbs and fluff.