Emerson MultiLink Network Shutdown License, Unlimited

PCs, Servers & Network UPS Communications
Expanding Networks Need Real Time Power
Monitoring For Ongoing Quality Assurance
Comprehensive Cover For Critical Network
Whether your network comprises of just a few PCs networked together, or
forms a complex enterprise wide installation, effective network power communications and control is vital to your operation. Liebert ’s UPS communications
products provide protection starting from basic network where only auto-shutdown of the operating system is required through to real time power monitoring and UPS control with network-wide computer shutdown.
All kinds of data and information flowing through your electronic equipment
need clean and stable power.
Even a millisecond of dirty power or a low-voltage Power Quality event can
cause loss of data, introduce errors, determine an immediate network crash or
reduce the lifespan of your equipment.
The cost of protecting the equipment is negligible compared to the cost of interrupted work and down time.
Basic network power management through to comprehensive power
quality monitoring and control for enterprise wide network installations
SNMP monitoring of power quality, the network environment and all
other threats to 100% network up-time
Solutions compatible with all major network operating systems or network
management systems
Liebert MultiLink Version 3.X
Network Shutdown Software For Your UPS
MultiLink 3 is your scalable network power protection solution. Run MultiLink 3 on one machine to monitor your power
and ensure a graceful unattended shutdown in the event of an extended power failure. In the one-on-one configuration,
MultiLink will monitor a serially connected UPS or an SNMP-enabled UPS over the network. MultiLink 3 can also be
upgraded to support your unique needs. Purchasing the MultiLink Network Administration License allows you to monitor
multiple UPS and remotely configure other installations of MultiLink 3 throughout your network. Purchasing the MultiLink
Network Shutdown License allows you to efficiently manage your power protection on a larger UPS by running MultiLink
3 on one computer and using that computer to coordinate the shutdown of other computers throughout your network.
User friendly interface
Simple navigational tree
Customizable event management
Interoperates with MultiLink 1.x
Protects data on one or more computers and monitors
every aspect of your power
Manages and monitors UPSs over the network with
optional Network Administration License
The MultiLink solution provides simple, easy-to-configure protection for your valuable data in either a single-user or multiplatform, networked environment. MultiLink allows you to monitor UPS status, view detailed instrumentation and parametric data and manage the automatic, orderly shutdown of designated computers should a power outage exceed the
battery capacity of the UPS.
Prevents the loss of valuable data by performing
unattended, orderly shutdown on one computer or multiple
networked computers with optional MultiLink License Kit
Configurable responses to UPS status changes
Notification via alphanumeric pagers, e-mail, on-screen
messages and SMS
Support for standards such as SNMP (Simple Network
Management Protocol)
Developed with Java™ technology
Supports both serial interface and contact closure interface
Ready-made or user-made cables
Multilink software CD is included in the packaging of all
Liebert UPS up to 30 kVA
Compatible Operating System: Microsoft Windows NT/2000/XP/95/98/Me for Intel; Novell NetWare 4.11+, 5.0+;
SunSoft Solaris for SPARC, 2.6, 7, 8; Hewlett Packard HP-UX for HP 9000, 11.0; IBM AIX for RISC System/6000, 4.3,
5L; Linux for Intel, 2.2-2.4 Kernel
MultiLink can be configured to monitor the UPS, and, if utility power fails or another problem arises, MultiLink can notify
to the connected Computer and personnel about the problem. In the event of a serious power problem, MultiLink can be
configured to prompt the shutdown of the Computer’s operating system
Serial port connectionSerial UPS or Contact
This is the simplest configuration of a Multi Link
installation-a computer running Multi Link is connection to the computer’s serial port.
This configuration requires no upgrade licenses.
Computer 1
With either serial communications or a contact closure connection, MultiLink can send notifications to all computers on a
network. These computers must be running MultiLink. With a MultiLink Network Shutdown License on the Computer connected directly, MultiLink can send notifications to those computers when needed.
Computer 1 is monitoring the UPS through a serial port
connection. Multi Link can send notifications to any computer on this network. This configuration requires a Multi
Link Network Shutdown License. Any computer configured as a targeted client must be running Multi Link.
UPS with
SNMP card
Computer 1
Computer 2 Computer 3 Computer 4 Computer 5
Serial port connection-Serial UPS or
Contact Closure
UPS with SNMP connection. Any computer running MultiLink can monitor the status of the UPS and send notifications
to the other computers. Some SNMP cards impose a limit on the number of computers that can receive notifications.
Computer 3
This UPS is connected to computer
over an Ethernet via an SNMP card.
Any computer configured as a target
client must be running Multi Link
UPS with
SNMP card
Computer 2
Computer 1
A computer can be set up to monitor and control more than one UPS models requiring different types of connections. For
example, with network connections and the appropriate upgrade licenses, any computer could monito the status of any
UPS on the network and send notifications to other computers, allowing them to shut down if needed
Host computer
Serial UPS
Host computer 8NMPv1 device
Targeted client computers
MultiLink Basic
Nortification Source
SiteNet® Integrator™
SNMP Monitoring Of Power, The Environment & All Other Threats To Your Network
As computing and telecommunication networks become more complex, and more vital to the success of your business,the
range of possible threats increases significantly. SiteNet Integrator enables a network administrator to monitor not only
network power, but also environmental systems, smoke alarms,threat detection sensors, access control systems …and
virtually any other digital sensor. Available in desk-top or rack-mount configurations, the SiteNet Integrator is designed to
suit all IT and telecommunication environments. Its SNMP monitoring capabilities will ensure precise management of your
networking environments, allowing you to maximise system uptime and keep your business in business.
Ethernet configuration
Serial Cable
Din Cable
Power Cable to UPS
Up to 10
Up to 6
Two Room
Provides SNMP Management and control to all
Liebert UPS.
Compatible with all major network management
Temperature and humidity monitoring with optional
Available in desk-top and rack-mount configurations.
Ten digital inputs allow monitoring of any computer
room devices.
The Load Control Module (LCM) allows remote power
management of up to six pieces of connected
Output relay contacts allow control of any computer
room device via SNMP SET commands.
The LCM allows remote rebooting and on/off control
of connected equipment with direct control or
shutdown through pre-set SNMP alarm conditions.
Intellislot SNMP/Web Card
The Intellislot SNMP/Web Card provides SNMP and web-based management to your UPS. The card gives you the power
to monitor and control your Liebert UPS from not only your Network Management Station, but from any PC running
Microsoft® Internet Explorer™, or MultiLink 3.0. Connecting to your UPS is a simple as launching a web browser.
The Intellislot SNMP/Web Card is the first UPS monitoring card to truly unleash the power of the Web, with its graphical
Power Flow. The animated Power Flow allows you to quickly determine the condition of your power and the operating
state of your UPS. You don’t need to sort through pages of text, so we’ve built a card that does Web like the Web was
designed - with graphics and text together, giving you a window into your power.
General Features
10/100 Network Interface Card
Hot swappable, Intellislot
SNMP and HTTP compatible
- MIB 2 Network Management System
- Internet Explorer web client
- RFC 1628 compliant
Interfaces with Multilink Software
Firmware can be flash upgraded
DHCP and bootp configurable
Configuration cable included with the Web Card
DB-9 to DB-9 null modem cable
All configurations parameters can be set up either via Hyper Terminal or web interface
Multilink Licenses
Multilink License Kits enable enhancements and additional features to be added to the standard Multilink Installation. Purchasing the Multilink Network Shutdown License allows you to
efficently manage power protection on a UPS by running Multilink on one computer and using
that computer to notify other computers throughout the network of UPS conditions. Purchasing
the Multilink Network Administration License allows Multilink 3.0 to monitor multiple UPSs and
remotely configure and monitor other installations of Multilink 3.0 throughout the network.
AS 400 Card - Interface Kit for Relay Contacts
Optional interface card for communicating to devices such as PLCs (Programmable Logic
Controllers) that require a true relay contact interface rather than opto couplers. In addition
to “on-battery” and “low-battery” signals, the card also provides an “on-bypass”,“on-UPS”,
and “summary alarm” signal, if installed in a UPS with an internal bypass feature. The
Intellislot™ Interface Kit includes the Intellislot TM Interface card and the user’s manual. The
RELAYCARD-INT will work with the PowerSure Interactive, UPStation GXT, UPStation
GXT 2U, GXT 6 & 10 and Nfinity.
SiteNet MultiPort 4
The SiteNet MultiPort 4 provides UPS communications to four additional computer
systems attached to a single UPS. With basic signaling for recognizing On-Battery and
Low-Battery conditions, the SiteNet MultiPort 4 delivers orderly shutdown to connected
computers running Liebert's MultiLink TM. The RS-232 port remains active with the SiteNet
MultiPort 4 installed allowing more sophisticated monitoring with Liebert's MultiLinkTM 3.0
software. The SiteNet MultiPort 4 supports UPSs equipped with a Liebert IntellislotTM port:
PowerSure Interactive, UPStation GXT, UPStation GXT 2U and Nfinity - plus it's userinstallable and hot installable. The SiteNet MultiPort 4 ships with the IntellislotTM size communications board, a one-foot four-port cable (one DB25 to four DB9s).
MultiPort 8
The MultiPort 8 Interface Unit provides eight DB9 ports to monitor dry-contact signals (onbattery, low-battery) for computers running MultiLink TM. One of the eight ports also has the
ability to transmit serial data, which allows UPS instrumentation to be displayed on a computer running MultiLinkTM 3.0 software. MultiPort 8 units can be daisy-chained together to
accommodate more than eight computer systems. In a daisy-chained configuration, only
the first MultiPort 8 can provide serial data for instrumentation to a computer system using
MultiLink TM 3.0 Software.
UPS Model
PowerSurePersonal XT
PowerSureProactive 1000
UPSStation GXT
UPSStation GXT 2U
Serial Interface
Contact Closure Interface
Multilink 3.0
Multilink 3.0
Multilink 3.0
Multilink 3.0
Multilink 3.0
Multilink 3.0
Multilink 3.0
Multilink 3.0
Multilink 3.0
Multilink 3.0
Multilink 3.0
Multilink 3.0
Multilink 1.5
“Appropriate cable included in UPS box: for PowerSurePersonal XT and PowerSureProactive contact closure cable, for all other UPS serial cable”
Multilink 3.0 vs Multilink 1.5 Comparison
Operating System Shutdown
Graphical User Interface
Shut do wn Mult i ple C o m put er s
Across the Network
Mu ltilink 1. 5
Yes / with License
Multilink 3.0
Yes / with License
Yes / Contact Closure
Information Only
Yes / Requires Network
Administration License
Monitor and Control Multiple
Multilink Installations
Yes / Other Multilink 3.0
Installation Only and Requires
Network Administration License
Event Base Scripting
View Parametric Data
Types of Communications
Contact Closure
Yes / On-Battery & Low-Battery
Monitor Multiple UPSs
C u s t o m i z a b l e Me s s a g e s
Event Logging
Data Logging
UPS Control
Battery Test
Alarm Silence
Runs as a Background
Service / Daemon
Yes / Alphanumeric and Numeric
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