Emerson GXT2 4500VA/6000VA Extended Battery Cabinets

Power Quality Systems
GXT2 700 - 6000VA
True Online Power to Keep Your Business Up and Running
Hot Swap
Online Technology
Communication Options
Extensible Runtime
Small Routers,
Bridges, Hubs
Data Center
Telecom Facilities
GTX2 700 - 6000VA
True Online Power to Keep
Your Business Up and Running
A high-performance UPS with proven reliability, custom
configurability, hot-swap internal batteries and extensible
runtime in a compact rack and tower design.
The GXT2 features and flexibility make it the optimal solution
for your server & data room, networking and telecom applications that require reliable, continuous and quality power.
As a true online UPS, GXT2 provides power factor correction,
frequency conversion, unlimited external battery
connectability, and internal automatic and manual bypass
capability as well as an optional external maintenance
bypass. The Liebert GXT2 is designed with the features
needed to protect mission-critical equipment from all
power problems, such as sags, surges, spikes, outages,
noise, frequency variations and waveform distortion.
Key Benefits
LAN and WAN servers
Clustered network equipment: hubs, routers, bridges
Remote telecommunications units
Office Telecommunications systems
Voicemail and e-mail servers
Test and diagnostic equipment
Engineering network servers
Factory floor protection of micro
processor-controlled equipment
Mission critical devices
Online VFI Technology With Sinewave Output
Extended Battery Options for Long Runtimes
USB, Serial and Network Communications
Power Factor corrected input
Advanced Early Warning Shutdown
with MultiLink software
Minimum Five Minutes of Battery Backup Time
User Configurable Settings, Voltage & Frequency
Hot-Swappable, User Replaceable Batteries
Cold-start on Battery
Remote UPS Monitoring through SNMP/Web Card
Compact Design in 2U size up to 3000VA
Optional Bypass Box for Easy Maintenance
True Online Power to Keep
Your Business Up and Running
Upper Bezel
Status Indicators & Controls
Top Trim
(2 pieces; tower
use only)
Intellislot Port
DB-9 Communications Port
Lower Bezel & Battery Access Door
Cooling Fan
REPO Connector
Relay Card Slot
Serial Card Slot
External Battery Connector
DB-9 Communication
AC Input
Output Sockets
Removable Power
Distribution Box
External Battery Connector
UPS Output Circuit Breaker
GXT2 Rack Mode (5U, 4500-6000VA version shown)
Support Base
GXT2 Tower Mode (2U, 700-3000VA version shown)
The Right Features in Just the Right Size
On-line design means zero transfer time from external
to internal power. When utility power fails, your critical
load remains supported by a seamless flow of power
from the GXT2.
For maximum control, the GXT2 is custom configurable to
your needs using a specially designed Windows software
package. Offered in 700, 1000, 1500, 2000, 3000, 4500,
and 6000 VA capacities, the GXT2 also provides easy serviceability with user replaceable batteries. And all this is
available in one of the most affordable UPS systems in its
Quality Power
The Liebert GXT2 is a true on-line power source, so whatever
the quality of power coming in - the pure sinewave output
meets the exacting standards of your equipment.
Unlike other UPS technologies, the GXT2's design handles
all these potential power problems:
Power spikes and transients
EMI/RFI noise
Voltage sags and brownout conditions
Power-factor corrected loads
Built-In Reliability
The GXT2 is designed from the inside out for maximum
reliability. It includes operating features that simply are not
available on other units in its price range:
• Power-factor corrected loads:
The GXT2 maintains stable voltage output even
with the power-factor corrected loads typical of
modern computer equipment.
• Frequency conversion:
Allows 60Hz input/50Hz output or 50Hz input/60Hz
output with no derating.
• Unlimited external battery connectability:
Any number of 2U/4U battery cabinets can be added
to supply additional battery time.
• Internal automatic and manual bypass capability:
Assures continuity of power to critical loads during
system problems or maintenance.
• Optional Maintenance Bypass and Output
Power Distribution Box:
Allows for easy maintenance and safe operation on UPS
or connected equipment during installation and routine
service operations.
Sophisticated Protection in an Easy-To-Use Package
The GXT2 is easy to install...easy to set up...and
even easier to use. It features simple operation for
uncom-plicated, error-free operation. A front-mounted
panel displays: system status, load levels, battery time
remaining and any alarm conditions.
For maximum flexibility, the GXT2 can be easily installed as
a space-saving, rack-mounted unit or as a compact
freestanding tower. This versatility allows it to be used to
protect networks, servers, telecommunications equipment
or industrial process equipment just about anywhere.
Up to 3kVA
in a 2U package
In order to fully protect your network, a UPS must be able to
deal with different types of power input, including imperfect
power from your electric utility, the variable output of most
standby generators, and harmonics from inside the building
or even from your own network equipment - or no input at
all, providing power directly from the internal batteries
(black start function). The Liebert GXT2 is designed
to handle all these situations. If a UPS can't provide proper
protection under these conditions, then it isn't providing
complete protection.
A New View on Configuring Your UPS
Each GXT2 is shipped with a Windows® software
program that allows the user to program a variety
of operating parameters. This capability allows you to
customize the GXT2’s performance to your specific
requirements, providing a new level of power protection control and adaptability.
The software allows configuration of the following:
Output voltage selectable: 200, 208, 220, 230, 240V
Enable or disable auto restart
Enable or disable line-neutral reversal detection
Select frequency converter mode:
- 60Hz input/50Hz output with no derating,
bypass is disabled
- 50Hz input/60Hz output with no derating,
bypass is disabled
Change the low battery warning from
the standard 2 minutes
Select how often you want the automatic
battery test to occur
Disable automatic battery test if desired
Program the UPS for the number of external
battery cabinets connected, allowing the UPS
to report the correct run time.
Configure Output Voltage
Enable/Disable Line Neutral
Reversal detection
Select Frequency Converter Mode
Select Low Battery Warning Time
Select Automatic Battery Test Time
Select Number of External
Battery Cabinets
Enable/Disable Automatic Battery test
Communications for Power Monitoring and Control
The GXT2 offers a variety of communications options to provide the monitoring and control capabilities demanded by
today's network computing systems.
Intellislot® SNMP/Web Card
For enhanced UPS communications and control, the
Intellislot SNMP/Web Card will deliver SNMP and webmanagement communications capability to your GXT2
unit. This feature will provide flexibility in how you monitor
and control your UPS over the network.
The card is also easily configurable to work in a standard SNMP
implementation and with Liebert’s MultiLink unattended
shutdown software.
SNMP/Web Card monitors a wide
range of UPS information, allowing
users to monitor, control, and manage
their GXT2 UPS over the network via
the Web and SNMP.
Intellislot USB Adapter Card (USBCARD)
This hot-installable card provides a USB interface port for use
with Microsoft Windows 2000 and XP Power Management,
providing graceful unattended shutdown of your connected
equipment without the need to install any additional software.
The USB card kit includes a 6-foot USB cable.
Intellislot Multiport Kit (Multiport4)
The Multiport4 Card is a hot-installable card that splits the
UPS contact signals into four isolated sets of contact closure
signals, enabling the user to interface with MultiLink
Shutdown software on four servers simultaneously.
Intellislot Interface Kit for Relay Contacts (Relaycard-Int)
MultiLink™ Shutdown Software
Provides 4 volt-free, relay contact signals for "On Battery",
"Low Battery", "On Bypass", "UPS Fault", and "Summary Alarm"
status. The card can be hot-installed, and connections are
through a DB25F connector.
Your GXT2 UPS system can be used with Liebert MultiLink
shutdown software. This package automatically shuts
down computer operating systems in a smooth and orderly
manner if UPS battery capacity runs low.
Automatic Responses
for every UPS event
may be customized
Configuration details
appear in the bottom
window pane when the
event and response type
are selected
Multilink automated shutdown software performs the critical
task of protecting information for one computer or a network.
It is available in both single and multi-user versions and is
designed to run on a wide variety of operating platforms.
During an extended utility failure, MultiLink automatically
shuts down computer operating systems in a smooth and
orderly manner if UPS battery capacity runs low. MultiLink is
designed to keep users informed. Notification about critical
alarms can be sent to alphanumeric pagers or directly to the
computer screen via pop-up messages.
MultiLink may be configured for either in-band or out-ofband operation. Using the network to send alarm messages
and data can dramatically reduce cable and installation
costs. Alternatively, separate communications cables can
be run to each computer when network wiring is a concern.
A Complete Set of Rack and Wall Mount Options
The GXT2 series is complemented by a full set of rack and wall mount accessories designed to make it easy to use
the UPS in any data-room, telecom or switch-gear cabinet.
Wall Mount Bracket Kit
for GXT 2U
Rack Slide Kits for GXT2
Models (RMKIT18-32)
The WMBKT2U kit is steel bracket
painted black that allows any
GXT 2U UPS or 2U Battery
Cabinet to be mounted to a wall.
One bracket kit is required for
each UPS or Battery Cabinet.
Hardware to mount brackets
to UPS is supplied. Hardware
to attach brackets to wall must
be supplied by the installer.
Telescoping rails that mount
to the sides of the rackmount
UPS to facilitate installation
into a rackmount enclosure.
This kit is for use with all
GXT2 and associated battery
cabinets. Rack kits included
hardware for mounting rack
slide to rack frame, hardware
for mounting rack slide to UPS
is included with UPS
Telecom Rack 2U Kit
Fixed Mounting Rails
(brackets are fixed and do
not slide) 201193G1L
Center Mount brackets for 19”
wide telecom/relay racks
(For Use with GXT2U Only).
The 2UTELECOMRKIT contains
two metal brackets which mount
(1) GXT2 UPS or Battery Cabinet
into a 19” Telecom Relay Rack.
One kit must be used for each
2U product that is mounted. UPS
and brackets fit into 2U of space.
Fixed rails mount to the front
and back of a rack frame.
The UPS is supported by an “L”
bend in the rails and is secured
in place by the bolting the UPS
rack handles to the rack frame.
Rail kits are adjustable from
17.5 to 32.5 inches and include
hardware for mounting fixed
rails to rack assembly.
Hardware for mounting UPS
rack handles to UPS frame is
provided with UPS.
Rack Shelves for
Rack shelves allow mounting of
the UPS into telecom/relay racks.
The RS500 is designed to allow
flush mounting of the UPS into
19” wide telecom/relay (single
mounting rail type) racks.
The RS600 is designed to allow
center mounting of the UPS
into 19” wide telecom/relay
(single mounting rail type) racks.
The RS700 is designed to allow
flush mounting of the UPS into
23” wide telecom/relay (single
mounting rail type) racks.
The RS800 is designed to allow
center mounting of the UPS
into 23” wide telecom/relay
(single mounting rail type) racks.
RS600 and RS800 kits include
adapter brackets for use with
UPStation GXT and UPStation
GXT 2U models and include
hardware for mounting shelves
to rack assembly.
Rack Mounting Kits
Center Mounting (RS600 & RS800)
Extensible Rack Mount Kits can be
fitted on racks depth 18” to 32” deep.
Supports up to 90kg weight.
Fixed Rail Kit for 19” wide racks,
adjustable from 17.5” to 32.5” depth.
Telecom / Relay Rack Shelves
Flush Mounting (RS500 & RS700)
2UTELECOMRKIT Center Mount brackets for 19”
wide telecom/relay racks
Flush-mount shelf for 19”
wide telecom/relay racks
Center-mount shelf for 19”
wide telecom/relay racks
Flush-mount shelf for 23”
wide telecom/relay racks
Center-mount shelf for 23”
wide telecom/relay racks
Wall Mount Kit
Wall Mount Bracket
The Solution that Gives You Exactly the Right Amount of Protection and Support
The Foundation integration system is more than "just
a rack" it is the "foundation" of a mini-computer room.
It is designed to deliver maximum flexibility today and to
comprehensively accommodate future support needs in
the rapidly changing network equipment environment.
It can start simply as a basic integration system to house
and organize network components. Or you can specify it at
any level of protection up tp the self-contained Foundation
Mini Computer Room (MCR) by adding support systems
including computer-grade air conditioning, rackumonting
UPSs, (like GXT2 or PowerSure InterActive).
Monitoring capabilities and security features. The beauty of
the system is that you don't have to do it all at once. These
features can be incorporated from the beginning or added
at a later time to help meet both your current and future
GXT2 4500-6000 in Rack and Tower Mode
GXT2 700-3000 in Rack and Tower Mode
Evolving Design
The Foundation system provides an organized, secure, controlled environment for your sensitive electronic equipment.
A few of the major improvements to the Foundation over
previous enclosure designs are:
Foundation Enclosure
Adjustable Rack Rails
Reversible Hinged Door
Improved Cable Management
Easy Access Side Panels
Multiple Door Options
Complete Upgradability
Foundation (Mini Computer Room)
Top or 19" Rackmounting ECM Air Conditioner
Low Sound Levels
Energy Saving Features
Available in a variety of sizes
Power Rating
Dimensions & Weight
Unit (WxDxH mm)
Shipping (WxDxH mm)
Weight - Unit (kg)
Weight - Shipping (kg)
Input Parameters
Input Voltage and Frequency
Voltage Range w/o Battery
Frequency Range
Input Power Connection
Output Parameters
Output Receptacles
87 (2U) x 547 x 430
268 x 692 x 585
87 (2U) x 618 x 430
268 x 692 x 585
220/230/240 VAC user selectable; 40-70Hz
119-280VAC variable depending on load
40-70Hz autosensing
(4) IEC320-C13
(4) IEC320-C13+
(1) IEC320-C19
Sinewave; 50 or 60Hz N>ominal (50Hz default)
200% for 8 cycles; 130% for10 seconds with transfer to bypass
Waveform & Frequency
Overload warning
Battery Parameters
Approved manufacturers
Quantity x Voltage x Rating
Backup Time
Half load (minutes)
Full load (minutes)
Recharge time
Batteries, other features
Battery Test
Operating temp and altitude
Common Package
Additional Components
Standards & Requirements
Design, EMI/EMC,
Extended Battery Cabinets
Unit (WxDxH mm)
Shipping (WxDxH mm)
Weight - Unit (kg)
Weight - Shipping (kg)
Quantity x Voltage x Rating
Approved Manufacturers
Extended Backup time
1 Cabinet (full/half load)
2 Cabinet (full/half load)
3 Cabinet (full/half load)
4 Cabinet (full/half load)
221 (5U) x 547 x 430
560 x 690 x 500
China Storage Battery / CSB FR 1270 F2
4 x 12V x 7.0Ah
Hardwired + (2) IEC320-C19
>200% for 96 milliseconds; 131 - 199%
for 2 seconds;112- 129% for 10 seconds
with transfer to bypass
VRLA, non spillable, flame retardant
Panasonic UP-VW1245P1
4 x 12V x 9.0Ah
6 x 12V x 9.0Ah
5 hours to 95%
Hot Swap Batteries; Deep Discharge Protection; Black Start (w/o mains)
Automatic, User configurable 7-28days
Yuasa / REW 28-12 FR
12 x 12V x 5Ah
3 hours to 90%
0-40°C; 0-3000m
Serial RS232 standard, USB card, Relay card and SNMP/Web card optional
User manual, MultiLink software CD; MultiLink serial cable 3m; Rack mount handles; Tower Support base; Configuration program disk;
(2) 10A IEC320-C13/
+ (1) Schucko CEE 7/7
Input/output distribution
14 Output Cables
to IEC-320-C19 and
PD-CEHDWR Input/output
(1) BS1363to IEC-320-C19,
distribution with maintenance
16A inputpower cord
bypass PD-CEHDWRBYP (optional)
2 Years
EN50091-1-1, CE compliance mark, for both Low Voltage and EMC Directives
EN62040-1-1; TUV/GS, CE EMC Directive
VFI SS 111 according to IEC6204-3; EN50091-2, Class A; EN61000-4; ISTA Procedure 1A
87 (2U) x 547 x 430
268 x 692 x 585
2 x 4 x 12V x 7.0Ah
China Storage Battery / CSBFR 1270 F2
68 / 176
136 / 352
204 / 528
272 / 704
44 / 100
88 / 200
132 / 300
176 / 400
28 / 80
56 / 169
84 / 240
112 / 320
87 (2U) x 618 x 430
268 x 692 x 585
2 x 6 x 12V x 9.0Ah
18 / 42
42 / 98
60 / 140
90 / 210
20 / 64
40 / 128
60 / 192
80 / 256
176 (4U) x 522 x 430
560 x 690 x 455
20 x 12V x 9.0Ah
Yuasa / REW 45-12 FR
31 / 70
54 / 120
80 / 164
106 / 208
21 / 49
38 / 85
55 / 123
75 / 156
Approximate discharge times are in minutes and at 25°C with resistive load.
While every precaution has been taken to ensure accuracy and completeness in this brochure, Liebert HIROSS assumes no responsibility, and disclaims all liability for damages resulting from use of
this information or for any errors or omissions. © 2004 Liebert HIROSS. All rights reserved throughout the world. Specifications subject to change without notice. All names referred to are trademarks
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