Philips QC5099/00 Hair Clipper

Hair Clipper
3D Contour following comb
Precision trimmer
Luxury protective case
Professional hair cutting kit
Professional Cut
This complete, professional hair cutting kit contains everything you need to create any
style you want. The 3D contour following comb closely follows the contours of your
head, ensuring a smooth and even cut.
Superior results
• 3D Contour following comb
• 15 Lock-in length settings (1-41mm)
• SteelWave Self-Sharpening Blades
• Precision trimmer
• Luxury protective case
15 Lock-in length settings (1-41mm)
Hair Clipper
Product highlights
Power System
• Charging time: 10 hour(s)
• Operating time: 50 minute(s)
• Corded or cordless operation: Operates with and
without power cord
Cutting System
• Lubrification for life: Self-sharpening blades need
no oiling
3D Contour following comb
The unique 3D contour-following comb closely follows the
contours of your head, giving you a smooth and even cut.
Precision trimmer
For contouring around the ears and trimming your
• Barber set: Styling comb, scissors, cape & cleaning
• 2-Year Worldwide guarantee
• Ultra-light design: Compact and ergonomic for
easy handling
Luxury protective case
Durable hard case for safe storage and travel.
15 Lock-in length settings (1-41mm)
Fifteen length settings are integrated into two combs for
a wide range of styles (1-41mm).
SteelWave Self-Sharpening Blades
Revolutionary wave-shaped, self-sharpening blades
channel and cut hair for a precise and even trim.
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