Philips Expression Vacuum cleaner with bag FC8606/02

Philips Expression
Vacuum cleaner with bag
Highest cleaning power
for your money
A powerful 1800 W vacuum cleaner that provides no less than 350 W of suction power!
This model comes with a standard wheeled nozzle, 5-layer filtration system with HEPA
filter, Clean Comfort Cassette and extra-long cord.
High cleaning power
• 1800 Watt motor generating max. 350 Watt suction power
Hygienic disposal of dust bag
• Unique Clean Comfort Cassette to avoid contact with dust
Clean air in your home
• Super Clean Air HEPA 12 filter, 99.5% filtration
Vacuum cleaner with bag
• Colour: Raven black
• Dust bag type: s-bag
• Dust capacity: 3 l
• Exhaust filter: Super Clean Air HEPA 12 filter
Nozzles and accessories
• Accessories: Crevice tool, Small nozzle
• Accessory storage: On tubeclip
• Standard nozzle: Wheeled all-purpose nozzle
• Airflow (max): 40 l/s
Input power (IEC): 1600 W
Input power (max): 1800 W
Noise level (Lc IEC): 82 dB
Suction power (max): 350 W
Vacuum (max): 30 kPa
Clean Comfort Cassette
Action radius: 10 m
Clean Comfort cassette
Cord length: 7 m
Tube coupling: Button
Dust bag full indicator
Power control: Electronic on appliance
Tube type: Metal lacquered 2-piece telescopic tube
Wheel type: Plastic
Issue date 2013-01-10
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When you dispose of the dust bag from your Philips
vacuum cleaner, there will be no contact with the
dust thanks to this patented dust bag holder.