I N D U S T R I A L H A R D - A N D S O F T WA R E - D E V E L O P M E N T
Supports VGA and DVI
in all combinations
Fibre Optic & Copper
(Cat5) versions available
Distances of up to 10 km
(Fibre) and 100 m (Copper)
Single & Dual Access
(Local Console) versions
Video resolutions
up to 1600 x 1200
Modular design allows
enhanced functionality
(USB, Audio, Serial)
Video Interface
1600 x 1200 @ 60 Hz
All lower resolutions operate up to 75 Hz vertical refresh
Keyboard/Mouse Options
PS/2, SUN or USB
Power Supply
Universal Switchmode PSU (90-240V Input)
148 x 170 x 43 mm-desktop device (19” rack brackets available)
19”/1U housing to mount up to 3 devices
19”/2U housing to mount up to 6 devices
Interconnection Options
Multi-mode 50/125µ oder 62,5/125µ, SC-connector
Single-mode 9/125µ, SC-connector, Cat5/5e/6
Maximum Distances
100 m (200 m) Cat5, 200 m (62,5µ), 400 m (50µ),10km (9µ)
Onboard Flash
KVM Access
Single / Dual KVM options
DDXi – Digital KVM Extension
with no loss in image quality
DDXi – The Future of
KVM Extension
Use DDXi to remotely locate you monitor,
keyboard and other peripheral devices up to 10
km from the CPU. Digital extension technology
ensures perfect image quality no matter how far
you extend!
With Flat panel displays becoming more prevalent it is natural to drive them digitally through
their DVI interface to obtain optimum image
quality. DDXi supports DVI extension up to resolutions of 1600 x 1200 to ensure the benefits
of using DVI are maintained even if you locate
your monitor 10 km away!
■ Perfect Image Quality at all Resolutions
Why does it make sense to remotely
locate a CPU?
• Protection computers against dust,
water and vibration
• Avoid theft and protect against unauthorized
installation of software
• Simplify maintenance, configuration and
administration of multiple users computers
by co-locating them
• Save costs by installing air conditioning
and high-speed networking equipment
in a central server room
• Cut out noise in the work place
DDXi Applications
• Financial (remote users and server control)
• Call Centres (co-locate user’s computers)
• Industrial (fibre optic isolation)
• Information Terminals & Kiosks
• Airports (air traffic control, passenger
information systems)
• KVM extension where exceptional image
quality is required
• Medical – using computer tomographs generates strong magnetic fields, which make it
impossible to use monitors. Using fiber optic
cables allows remote location of monitors
that require a very high screen resolution.
w w w.
■ Supports both VGA and the latest DVI video
interfaces (future proof you investment)
■ Supports Mixed DVI and VGA operation
■ Video Resolutions up to 1600 x 1200 @ 60Hz
using Cat5 or Fibre Optic Cable!
VGA, DVI and more
DDXi supports traditional analog VGA as well as
digital DVI. All combinations of DVI and VGA
(graphics cards and monitors) are supported,
allowing equipment to be mixed. You could use
DDXi today to extend (with perfect image quality) your existing SVGA equipment. If you later
purchase a DVI monitor you can use it with DDXi
even though your computer is equipped with a
VGA graphic card. When you finally upgrade to
a DVI graphic card, DDXi will continue to extend
your system without any reconfiguration.
■ Local Console Option (Dual Access)
■ Transparent USB (1.1) Extension Option
■ No length restrictions for particular
video resolutions
■ Fibre Optic Extension uses only TWO Fibres!
■ Transmission length:
• 100 m with regular Cat5 cable
(200 m with repeater)
DDXi has a modular architecture providing
superb flexibility. Not only are all standard peripheral connections supported (PS2, SUN) but
also the different cabling interfaces (depending
on model) for bridging the required distance:
Use Cat5 network cable, Multi-mode or Singlemode fibre cables. Other interfaces may also be
added such as Serial Port for Touch-Screen,
Stereo Audio, Base-Band Video Transmission,
USB, 10BaseT Network Management, Parallel
Port or other custom interfaces.
• 200 m with 62,5/125µ Multi-mode Fiber Cable
• 400 m with 50/125µ Multi-mode Fiber Cable
• 10 km with 9/125µ Single-mode Fiber Cable
■ Compatible with all operating systems
■ Compatible with all major KVM Switches
■ Rack Mount options (19”): Mount up to
3 devices in 19”/1U or up to 6 devices
in 19”/2U. This saves expensive rack space.
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