shoulder impingement surgery rehabilitation

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Shoulder Arthroscopic Subacromial Decompression and Acromioplasty
Please give this to your physiotherapist
Weeks 0 to 6 weeks after surgery (see Dr Burrow at 2 weeks Post-Op)
Use arm for paperwork, computer, eating with arm / elbow out of sling.
Only wear sling when walking or travelling.
Remove sling when comfortable at 4-6 weeks.
Week 1 after surgery
Pendulum exercises (Codman’s)
Active elbow, wrist and exercises, (unless biceps surgery is performed)
Passive shoulder forward elevation 0 to 90° supine
Active and passive external rotation in neutral 45°
Continue intensive scapular setting and posture program
Continue intensive static humeral head depressor and adductor program
Pain Control
You will be given strong pain killers when you leave the hospital, like Panadeine Forte or Endone to take as
breakthrough pain killers or on going to bed at night
You can take anti-inflammatories for 1 week
However almost all the post-op pain is better controlled with regular Panadol every 6 hours and Nurofen 6
hourly, 3 hours after the Panadol
Make the arm comfortable by positioning it out of the sling, resting it on your tummy or a pillow
Sometimes it’s more comfy to sleep in a reclining chair and / or with a body hugging pillow
Regular icing with the Body Ice pack: 30mins on 4 times daily and after exercises or physio is very helpful
2 – 6 weeks after surgery
Continue passive assist forward elevation, aim for 180 degrees by week 6
Gentle passive external rotation, aiming 100% by week 6
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Introduce active assisted movements of elevation, external and internal rotation, beginning supine then
against gravity 6-8weeks.
Continue range of motion program for elevation, external and internal rotation with terminal stretching.
6 – 16 weeks after surgery (see Dr Burrow at 8 weeks Post-Op)
Progress to advanced stretching and strengthening programs gradually as tolerated by the patient.
Breast stroke swimming 20mins 3-4 times weekly.
Gradually increase overhead use of the arm after 3 months.
But avoid repetitive overhead use of the arm for 3-4 months.
Return to work
Return to office work between 1-2 weeks as comfortable.
Can return to driving when comfortable and safe 3-6 weeks.
Depending on return of movement and strength: Return to manual work at 3-4 months.
What if you have more questions?
Please feel free to call me at my rooms on (02) 8622 3399 and I’ll call you back as soon as I can.
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