Quick Reference Getting Started with the AirLiner Wireless Slate

Quick Reference
Getting Started with the AirLiner Wireless Slate
Use the AirLiner™ wireless slate to control your computer applications and make notes on your SMART Board™ interactive
whiteboard, or any computer projected image, from anywhere in the room. Wireless technology allows you to teach or
present from up to 54 feet (16 meters) away, and it allows students or participants to give feedback using the slate from their
The AirLiner Slate Overview
The AirLiner wireless slate has two customizable function buttons and an underlay that offers a variety of pen tools and quick
access to the most frequently used SMART Board Tools. The wireless mouse and the tethered pen allow you to control your
applications. The tethered pen also enables you to write or draw in digital ink.
Charging indicator
Power button and
Customizable function
Underlay tool strip
Tethered pen
Wireless mouse
Pen side switch
The Cordless Mouse and Tethered Pen
The cordless mouse works like a traditional mouse when used on the surface of the slate. The tethered pen offers all of the
same functions as the mouse, but it also enables you to write or draw in digital ink over your applications. To see where your
cursor is on the screen, hold the pen about 1/4" (0.5 cm) above the surface of the AirLiner wireless slate. Tap the pen tip
onto the surface of the wireless slate to click on an object. Tap twice for a double-click. If you wish to write in black digital
ink, push and hold the pen’s side switch towards the tip of the pen, and write on the slate. To erase, push and hold the side
switch away from the tip, and sweep in a smooth motion over the areas you wish to erase. Releasing the side switch returns
the pen to cursor mode.
Function Buttons
The AirLiner wireless slate has two function buttons. By default the left function button opens the Floating Tools toolbar and
the right function button launches Notebook™ software.
Launches Floating Tools
Launches Notebook software
The Underlay Tool Strip
The tool strip enables you to change pen colors quickly and access the most frequently
used features of SMART Board software. The top button returns your pen to a left mouseclick, the next five buttons allow you to erase or to change your pen color to black, blue,
red or green. With the remaining buttons you can change your next pen touch to a rightclick, access an On-Screen Keyboard, launch the Capture toolbar or launch the Floating
Tools toolbar.
Connecting the Wireless Slate to Your Computer
The AirLiner wireless slate uses Bluetooth® technology to communicate with your
computer. The first time you use the AirLiner wireless slate – and at other times, for
example, if you accidentally disconnect the slate – you will need to establish the wireless
1 Insert the Bluetooth wireless adapter into a USB port on your computer
Returns pen to
mouse mode
Erases digital ink
Selects digital
ink colors
2 Double-click the Bluetooth icon in the Windows® Notification Area
Bluetooth icon
3 In the Bluetooth Devices dialog box, select the Options tab, and make sure that the
Turn discovery on box is checked
Ensure that this
box is checked to
turn discovery on
Makes next pen
touch a right-click
Launches the OnScreen Keyboard
Launches the
Capture toolbar
Launches the
Floating Tools
4 Press the Power button on the top-left corner of the AirLiner wireless slate, then immediately press the Connect
button on the underside (under the Power button) of the wireless slate
5 In the Bluetooth Devices dialog box, select the Devices tab, and click the Add button
6 The Add Bluetooth Device Wizard will appear. Check the box indicating that your device is set up and ready to be
found, and then click Next
7 The AirLiner wireless slate will appear in the list. Double-click on the icon labeled SMART Wireless Slate and follow
the on-screen instructions. When you are asked for an authentication code or passkey, select Don’t Use a Passkey
or No, and then click Next
8 To confirm that you are connected, move the pen lightly over the surface of the wireless slate. The cursor on the
projected screen should reflect the movement of your pen
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