Power inverter
150W AC
Portable Power
Provides AC power from any car lighter outlet
Take your TV and other mains operated devices on the road, and use them in your car.
Simply plug the inverter into your car lighter socket and play your DVD or CD player, VCR
or TV. It’s 80W AC power from 12 V DC power source.
• Auto shutdown avoids emptying your car battery
• Compact size for easy storage and usage
• The overload protection protects your equipment and yourself
• The short circuit protection protects equipment and yourself
• Input polarity reverse protection
Power inverter
150W AC
• Blister dimensions (WxDxH): 15.8 x 7.4 x 24.4
• Blister weight: .46 kg
• Master carton quantity: 6
• Outer carton dimensions WxDxH: 16.7 x 31.1 x
Auto shutdown
The auto shutdown ensures that when your car is
parked and you are still using the AC mains device, it
will never completely drain the battery.
Overload protection
The overload protection will protect your equipment
and yourself in the event of an electrical overload.
Short circuit protection
The short circuit protection will protect your
equipment and yourself in the event of a short circuit.
Compact size
The inverter has a compact design for easy storage and
Polarity protection
The input polarity reverse protection ensures you
cannot install the inverter wrongly.
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