TV antenna
The best solution
for urban/suburban UHF DTV/HDTV reception
Compact and easy to install, this antenna reduces multi-path interference for clear, crisp
Enjoy the best reception quality
• Patented design curved reflector
• Up to 40 miles range
TV antenna
Product highlights
Packaging Data
Quantity: 1
EAN/UPC/GTIN: 6 09585 13301 3
Gross weight: 3.2 kg
Tare weight: .4 kg
Net weight: 3.3 kg
Length: 840 mm
Width: 330 mm
Height: 200 mm
Patented curved reflector
The unique design of this antenna improves the
directionality of the antenna and rejects extraneous signals
for the best possible reception of digital and analog UHF
Up to 40 miles range
Signals may be picked up from up to 40 miles away,
depending on terrain and other factors.
Issue date 2008-09-02
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UPC: 6 09585 13301 3