Endpoint Security 8 for Windows®
Be Ready for What’s Next! Cyber threats targeting
your business have become extremely dynamic and
exponentially more complex.
Kaspersky delivers comprehensive anti-malware
solutions that are powerful, efficient and easy
to administer.
Kaspersky Endpoint Security 8 for Windows® is
a powerhouse of protection, bringing layer upon
layer of superior, intelligent protection against
emerging and increasingly sophisticated threats all backed by the relentless anti-malware
expertise of Kaspersky Lab’s specialists.
Kaspersky Lab ensures the security of your
business so you can stay focused on running it.
Protec tion
Secure your electronic communications and work on
the Internet by providing centralized protection of
endpoints in a corporate network and beyond from all
kinds of malware, potentially dangerous programs and
network attacks.
Deeper Protection:
• Enhanced Signature Detection and Heuristics – Vastly
improved malware detection in mail and web traffic and
upon file exchanges.
• Kaspersky Security Network (KSN) – Integration with the
cloud-based file and URL reputation database provides rapid
protection from emerging threats based on analysis of realtime activity from the global Kaspersky user community.
• System Watcher and Behavior Stream Signatures
Technology – Proactively monitor and analyze system
operations for suspicious activity and identify dangerous
application patterns within a user’s system.
Workstation (51)
Notebook (56)
File Server (59)
File Servers
File Server (59)
Workstation (51) Desktops
and Servers
Con t rol
The solution provides effective tools to control compliance with policies on application, device and web usage
level. Comprehensive control of corporate endpoints
enhances security posture and improves employee
Powerful Control Tools:
• Application Startup Control – Provides administrators
with the ability to grant, block and audit application launches.
• Administrator-based Whitelisting – Provides administratively
assigned and cloud-assisted predefined categories of
whitelisting rules for application startup control.
• Application Privilege Control – Applies restrictions to various
actions of applications in the operating system as well as
rights to access computer resources.
• Vulnerability Scanning – Prevents potential exploits
by identifying system weak points, missing patches and
neglected application and OS updates.
• Rollback of Malicious Activity – Automatically returns a
system to a point before malicious activity occurred.
• Device Control – Allows granular control of external device
operations – enforces usage policies and reduces the risk of
data loss.
• Advanced Firewall and Intrusion Detection System –
flexibly managed firewall and Intrusion Detection System
align with your application control policies.
• Web Control and Content Filtering – Monitoring and filtering
users’ browser activities by category, content and data type,
regardless of workstation location.
Integrated Protection
PROTECTION: Protection against malware infections
(such as viruses, worms and Trojan horses)
Kaspersky’s tightly integrated solutions provide agile and
efficient malware protection solutions against today’s security
threats. Kaspersky empowers secure businesses worldwide
with a powerful set of tools to ensure security and control over
an array of applications, devices and web content.
Full-scale integration of all program components ensures
that protection does not give rise to system conflicts or slow
workstations down.
Independent Tests Results
Industry Average
Protection against 0-day
malware attacks from the
internet, inclusive of web
and e-mail threats
(Real-World Testing)
Source: AV-TEST Institute, Germany (www.av-test.org)
REPAIR: Cleaning and repair of a malware-infected computer
of arepresentative set
of malware discovered
in the last 2-3 months
(AV-Test reference set)
Industry Average
Removal of all active components of widespread
malware (according to the WildList)
from a computer
Removal of further malicious components
and remediation of critical system modifications
made by malware
Centralized Management
Removal of deliberately hidden
active malware
(Rootkits and stealth malware)
General Requirements:
Installing the solution on endpoints, configuring protection
and control parameters, managing updates and responding
effectively to potentially threatening events - all these as well
as other administrative tasks can be carried out centrally and
remotely using Kaspersky Security Center.
Learn more about Kaspersky Security Center by visiting
• 1 GB of available disk space on the hard drive
PC Requirements:
Software requirements
Windows® 7
(x32 / x64 Professional / Enterprise / Ultimate)
2.0 GHz or higher
Windows Vista®
(x32 / x64 SP2)
2.0 GHz or higher
Windows® XP Professional
(x32 SP3)(x64 SP2)
2.0 GHz or higher
512 MB RAM
Windows® Embedded Standard 7
(x32 / x64 SP1) (x32 POSReady 2009)
800 MHz or higher
256 MB of free RAM
Server Requirements:
How to buy
Kaspersky Endpoint Security 8 for Windows can
be purchased as part of the Kaspersky Open
Space Security product line. To help you choose
the most suitable product we recommend that you
consult a sales manager with one of Kaspersky
Lab’s partners. The list of Kaspersky Lab partners
is available at www.kaspersky.com/buyoffline
Software requirements
Windows Server®
• x32/x64 2003 Standard SP2
• x32 2003 R2 Standard / Enterprise SP2
• x32/x64 2008 Standard / Enterprise SP2
• x64 2008 R2 Standard / Enterprise (SP1)
2.0 GHz or higher
Small Business Server 2008
(x64 Standard)
Small Business Server 2011
(x64 Essentials / Standard)
2.0 GHz or higher
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