2:1 Displays to Dock Promos

HP Confidential. For HP and Channel Partner training purposes only.
Sell bundles, earn bonus bucks!
2 HP Displays* + 1 Docking Station* = Bonus SPIFF!
*From the list of qualifying SKUs
Qualifying SKUS
HP Displays
HP V194 LED Backlit Monitor US
HP VH22 Monitor US
V5G70A6#ABA HP V223 21.5-inch Monitor US
W1Y58A6#ABA HP V244h 23.8-inch Monitor US
M1T03A6#ABA HP VH24 Monitor US
M4B78A8#ABA HP V272 LED Backlit Monitor
W2Z78A8#ABA HP V320 Monitor US
T5X84A8#ABA HP LD5511 Conference Room Display US
F4M97A8#ABA HP ProDisplay P17A LED Monitor US
D2W67A8#ABA HP ProDisplay P19A 19-inch LED Monitor US
HP ProDisplay P202 Monitor US
X7R53A8#ABA HP ProDisplay P203 20-inch Monitor US
K7X28A8#ABA HP ProDisplay P202m Monitor US
X7R62A8#ABA HP ProDisplay P223a 21.5-inch Monitor US
K7X30A8#ABA HP ProDisplay P222va Monitor US
HP Dock
Who’s eligible
Channel Partners
Must be registered within the Blue Carpet program via Partner Portal (PP) and be a Silver or above partner.
Program timeframe
April 1 – October 31, 2017
Users will have 60 days after close to submit their sales within HP Blue Carpet.
How it works
•Sell 2 Displays with 1 Docking Station as a bundled solution to earn additional $5 SPIFF.
•See the list of qualifying SKUs shown at left.
•Claim Submission: Reps and/or bulk administrators submit claims within Blue Carpet
using the standard claim submission process.
•Claim Validation: Standard claim validation process. No additional processes or charges.
HP Elite 90W TB3 Dock US
X7W54UT#ABA HP Elite USB-C Docking Station
Prize information
HP UltraSlim Dock 2013
HP 90W Docking Station
•Qualifying winners will receive 5 points per bundled solution.
HP 230W Docking Station
HP 3005pr USB 3 Port Replicator
•HP will qualify and deposit rewards via administrative adjustments monthly.
HP 120W Adv Docking Station
•Offer cannot be substituted or combined with any other rewards or prizes.
HP Universal Port Replicator
•Points will be deposited directly into the user’s HP Blue Carpet account.
HP 230W Adv Docking Station
HP 3005pr USB 3 Port Replicator
•Point rewards will be deposited 100% to the sales rep—no company or owner portion applies.
HP Conferencing Keyboard
Questions? Contact Irene.Estrada@hp.com
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April 2017
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