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November 2004
CSA International and International Business Machines
Corporation (IBM) Announce Recall AC Adapters for Notebook
Toronto, ON – In cooperation with CSA International, International Business Machines
Corporation (IBM) of Armonk, NY is voluntarily recalling approximately 25,000 56
Watt AC adapters for Notebook computers in Canada. The adapters can overheat, cause
damage to the circuit board and melt through the housing, posing a fire and electrical shock
hazard to consumers.
The recalled adapters were manufactured for IBM by Delta Electronics Inc. and sold
between January 1999 and August 2000. The recalled 56 Watt AC adapters were shipped
primarily with IBM ThinkPad I Series 390 and 240 Series and s Series notebook
computers. The adapters have three hollow pins at the AC power cord connection/inlet, and
are identified as part number 02K6549 (FRU P/N 02K6550) on the product identification
label. The IBM logo appears on the top of the unit. AC adapters with solid pins at the AC
power cord connection/inlet are not included in this recall.
The adapters were sold with ThinkPad computers at electronics and computer stores, on the
IBM Web site, through phone and mail orders and resellers between January 1999 and
August 2000.
6 incidents of overheating have been reported worldwide with 3 of the incidents resulting
in minor property damage. IBM has not received any reports of personal injuries resulting
from these incidents.
Consumers should unplug the recalled adapters from the wall outlet immediately and
contact IBM for a free replacement unit. Call IBM at (800) 410-5629 between 8 a.m. and 8
p.m. ET Monday through Friday or log on to IBM’s replacement unit Web site at
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November 2004
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November 2004
IBM Announces Recall of ThinkPad 56 Watt AC Adapter
IBM is voluntarily recalling approximately 553,000 56 watt AC adapters made for use with
notebook computers shipped worldwide between January 1999 and August 2000. No other
AC adapters are affected by this recall notification.
IBM has received reports that some of these adapters have overheated, resulting in melting
of adapter housing and charring of the circuit board inside the housing. None of the
incidents has resulted in reports of personal injury. There have been some reports of minor
property damage. IBM voluntarily reported this information to the U.S. Consumer Product
Safety Commission (CPSC) and is working in cooperation with the CPSC on this recall.
These adapters were manufactured for IBM by Delta Electronics Inc.
While awaiting a replacement adapter from IBM, customers should unplug the adapter
from the wall electrical outlet when unattended. If an adapter shows any sign of
overheating, customers should immediately unplug the adapter at the wall electrical outlet
and notify IBM.
How to determine if your AC adapter is affected
These AC adapters were shipped worldwide primarily with ThinkPad i Series notebook
computers and ThinkPad 390 and 240 series notebook computers, and a limited number of
IBM ThinkPad s Series notebooks in selected countries in Asia Pacific outside of Japan.
Some customers may be using these adapters with different ThinkPad models. The adapters
can be identified by the hollow 3-pin male connector on the adapter brick that accepts the
3-pin female AC cord and the part number located on the label on one side of the adapter
The AC adapter brick is a small rectangular black plastic box. On one end there is a
permanently attached wire that connects to the computer through a round connector, and on
the other end, there is a detachable cord that will plug into an AC outlet.
The adapter brick is approximately 2.7 cm x 4.8 cm x 11.3 cm in dimension. The label will
contain the following part number numbers: 02K6549. No other IBM ThinkPad AC
adapters are affected. The graphic below shows the location of the part number on the AC
adapter. You can click on the graphic to view a larger picture:
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November 2004
What to do
If your AC adapter is one of those affected by this recall, IBM will replace the AC adapter,
free of charge. IBM also requests that you do not leave your current AC adapter plugged
into any AC power outlet while unattended.
When you receive your replacement AC adapter, a postage-paid box will be provided so
that you can return the original AC adapter to IBM.
To order your replacement AC adapter from IBM, there is a Web link below that will take
you to a form that you need to fill out to obtain a replacement AC Adapter. If you do not
wish to fill out the form, customers in the United States and Canada can call IBM at 1-800410-5629. Other customers can contact their nearest IBM Support Center.
To go to an order form or to check the status of your order, click here.
We want the old AC adapter back so it can be destroyed and disposed of properly. Here is
all you have to do:
1. Take your new AC adapter out of the shipping box.
2. Remove the AC power cord from your old AC adapter.
3. Connect the AC power cord to your new AC adapter and you are good to go again.
4. Place the old AC adapter into the shipping box.
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