Philips FC6125/04 Electric Sweeper

Electric sweeper
Hassle-free cleaning
The quicker way to sweep
Rechargeable, compact, lightweight sweeper with electric rotating brush for quick, inbetween, hassle-free floor cleaning. Sweeps all hard floors and short-pile carpets.
Remove dirt effortlessly
• Unique dirt tray removal system
Optimal freedom of movement
• Up to 55 minutes of cordless cleaning power on hard floors
Clean in comfort
• Telescopic handle with soft touch
Easy to grab, use and store
• Cordless, compact and lightweight
Sweeps hard floors and short-pile carpets
• Rotating brush sweeps up the dirt
Electric sweeper
removal system, Charging indication, Battery low
• Color: High gloss olive black
Battery voltage: 4.8 V
Runtime: 55 minute(s)
Charging time: 16-18 hour(s)
Noise level (Lc IEC): 74 dB
• Dust capacity: 0.21 l
Nozzles and accessories
• Other accessories: Charging base
Weight and dimensions
• Weight: 1.8 kg
• Packaging dimensions (LxWxH): 302 x 155 x
362 mm
• A-box dimensions (LxWxH): 492 x 376 x 324 mm
• Appliances per A-box: 3
• Tube type: Telescopic tube
• Special features: Soft touch handle, Dirt tray
Dirt tray removal system
The unique dust management system gets rid of dirt,
from the floor to the bin, effortlessly. One click of a
button opens the chamber,allowing you to empty
everything inside straight into the bin without
bending down or touching any dirt.
Up to 55 minutes of cordless power on
hard floors
Enjoy optimal freedom of movement without a cord
getting in your way. Powerful, rechargeable batteries
give you up to 55 minutes of cleaning on hard floors.
If the electric sweeper needs recharging, the batterylow indicator will let you know.
Telescopic handle with soft touch
The telescopic handle extends, allowing you to reach
places close at hand or farther away in complete
Cordless, compact and lightweight
At 1.8 kilograms, the Philips electric sweeper is light
enough to just grab and go. Its compact design lets
you clean even those hard-to-reach places. The
unique design and smart ‘hang-eye’ feature make the
electric sweeper easy to store, even in ‘tight’ spaces.
Rotating brush sweeps up the dirt
To make your work easier, an electrically rotating
brush automatically flips dirt into the electric
sweeper’s self-contained dirt chamber. Turn on the
electric sweeper and effortlessly pick up dirt,
crumbs, hair and more. This dynamic brush-roll
action is safe and effective on any hard or short-pile
carpeted floor in your home.
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