Philips QG3060 6 in 1 Grooming kit Grooming kit

Grooming kit
6 in 1 grooming kit
Create your own look
This Philips professional grooming kit is the ultimate styling tool to create the right look
for any occasion.
Best performance that feels great
• Contour following comb for speed and comfort
• SteelWave self-sharpening blades for precise results
Create the look you want
• 9 integrated length settings from 1-18mm
• Beard and moustache comb with 9 length settings
• Full size trimmer for beard and head hair
• Hair clipper comb with 9 length settings
• Nose and ear trimmer to trim unwanted hairs
• Precision detail trimmer to create and maintain your lines
Provides optimal power
• Cordless use for maximum freedom
• Charging stand for convenient storage
Grooming kit
Create the look you want
• Styling tools: 9 position hair clipper comb
• Trimmer size: 21-32 mm
Contour following comb
Ease of use
Self-sharpening blades
• Lubrication: Blades need no oiling
• Cleaning: Cleaning brush
• Display: Charging indicator
• Travel: Multivoltage
Power system
• Usage: Cordless only
• Charging time: 10 hours
• Running time: 35 minutes
The contour following comb adjusts to every curve
to give fast and comfortable results.
Revolutionary wave-shaped, self-sharpening blades
channel and cut hair for a precise and even result.
9 integrated length settings
Select and locks your desired length within a
versatile range of possible lengths.
Beard and moustache comb
Trimming your facial hair exactly how you want.
Full size trimmer
Using the full size trimmer without a comb results in
a stubble beard look.
Hair clipper comb
Clipping your hair at different lengths to keep your
hair neat and styled.
Nose and ear trimmer
A must have addition to your grooming set to keep
your unwanted hairs away.
Precision detail trimmer
Create any style you want with precision.
Cordless use only
Cordless use for maximum freedom
Store and charge stand
Charging stand provides a convenient storage and
ensures the appliance is fully charged and ready to
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