Philips Electronic scale HF8003

Electronic scale
Give your body an accurate voice
Weight memory
Philips electronic scale gives you an accurate weight measurement. It handles weights up
to 150 kg with a precision of 100 g. Stylish, convenient and easy to use.
Professionally accurate measurement
• Measures up to 150 kg with 100 gram precision
• 4-sensor technology for reliable and accurate measurement
• Adjusts for gravity differences around the world
Track weight changes
• Displays your previous weight
Easy readability
• Large and high contrast display for easy readability
Electronic scale
Technical specifications
Weight memory
Easy-to-read display
Easy to clean
Immediately ready to use
Anti-slip safety
Maximum weight: 150 kg
Minimum weight: 10 kg
Resolution: 100 g
Unit of measure
Gravity compensation: 6 zones
Technology: 4-sensor
Display: LCD
Color(s): white
Dimensions: 326 x 326 x 30 mm
Batteries: 4 x LR6 AA 1.5V
• Batteries: included
• Carpet feet: 4 pieces
• Manual
Issue date 2010-12-08
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