Philips Hair clipper QC5070/80

Hair clipper
With storage case
Super easy hair clipper
For ultimate precision
This super-easy hair clipper enables you to create any style you want in up to 15 length
settings from 1-41 mm. Just select the right hair length, lock and go. Now with extra
stubble comb for extra-short haircuts and 3-day stubble look.
Best performance that feels great
• Contour-following comb for speed and comfort
• SteelWave self-sharpening blades for precise results
Create the look you want
• 15 integrated length settings up to 42 mm
• Length indicator shows remaining hair length in mm
• Short length comb to cut your hair to 1.6 mm
Provides maximum ease of use
• Storage case to protect all items
Hair clipper
With storage case
• Handling: Ultra-light design
Power system
• Lubrication: Blades need no oiling
• Guarantee: 2-year worldwide guarantee
Contour-following comb
• Usage: Corded/cordless
• Charging time: 8 hours
• Running time: 35 minutes
• Barber tools: Styling comb and scissors
The contour-following comb adjusts to every curve
to give fast and comfortable results.
Self-sharpening blades
Revolutionary wave-shaped, self-sharpening blades
channel and cut hair for a precise and even result.
15 integrated length settings
Select and locks your desired length within a
versatile range of possible lengths.
Length indicator
On the front of the hair clipper the lenght indicator
shows you the exact hair length you'll get with a
particular setting.
Short length comb
A dedicated comb to cut your head hair for an extra
short hair style.
Storage case
The high quality case provides a storage solution for
all the accessories and protects them from damage
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