10-Motor Power Supply with Ethernet to Cresnet® Bridge and Cresnet Hub
>> Support for up to 10 Crestron® roller shade motors, 10 drapery
system motors, or a combination of the two up to a total of 10
>> Built-in 5-segment Cresnet® hub
>> Ethernet to Cresnet bridge
>> Ability to remotely cycle power to each shade motor to assist in
>> Individual per-motor overcurrent protection
>> Local shade and drapery master controls
>> Clear diagnostic LED indicators
>> Convection cooled for silent operation
>> Surface-mountable or mountable in a CAEN enclosure
The CSA-PWS10S-HUB-ENET Power Supply powers up to 10 Crestron®
Quiet Motor Technology™ roller shade or drapery system motors and
features an Ethernet to Cresnet® bridge and a built-in, 5-segment Cresnet®
hub. The embedded Ethernet to Cresnet bridge provides the flexibility
necessary for a multitude of installation configurations with the added
benefit of high-speed communications. Any hub set to Ethernet becomes
a Cresnet hub master for any daisy-chained hubs that are set to Cresnet
and connected to the hub.[1,2] A local control interface with LED feedback
indicators allows roller shade or drapery systems to be tested without a
control system connection. In addition to network diagnostics capabilities,
the CSA-PWS10S-HUB-ENET is convection cooled for silent operation and
can be surface-mounted or mounted in a CAEN or CAEN-MLO enclosure.
The Cresnet Bus
Cresnet is the communications backbone for many Crestron keypads,
lighting controls, shade motors, thermostats, occupancy sensors, and other
devices that don’t require the higher speed of Ethernet. It provides a
dependable and flexible wiring solution, allowing multiple devices to be
wired together in parallel using both home-run and daisy-chain
topologies.[2] The Cresnet bus distributes bidirectional data communication
and 24VDC power to each device over a single 4-conductor cable.
Ethernet to Cresnet Bridge
Adding one or more CSA-PWS10S-HUB-ENETs to a Crestron Shading
Solutions System enables the distribution of Cresnet over high-speed
Ethernet.[1] The increased bandwidth afforded by Ethernet reduces latency
for overall improved speed and performance. By leveraging existing LAN
infrastructure in any facility, wiring distances can be extended easily while
potentially reducing the overall wiring requirements. Multiple hubs can
communicate solely over Ethernet as long as they are each directly
connected to an Ethernet source.
Quick Troubleshooting
The built-in diagnostics featured on the CSA-PWS10S-HUB-ENET enable
the user to automatically shut down any branch with a fault, to identify
the exact problem (e.g., Y shorted to Z, Z shorted to GND, overload, etc.)
without a multimeter, and then to trigger program events based on
problems detected by the power supply (e.g., display notices on touch
screens and send emails to the service department). For easy
troubleshooting, the hub supports the ability to remotely cycle power to
each shade or drapery motor that is connected to it.
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CAEN Enclosure Mounting
The CSA-PWS10S-HUB-ENET occupies a single module space in any
CAEN or CAEN-MLO automation enclosure. Ethernet to Cresnet Bridge and
Cresnet Hub modules are controlled by the DIN-AP3 and other 3-Series®
control systems via the Cresnet network or via a control system with
Ethernet communications.
Load Rating
Total Motors Supported: Provides power for up to (10) Crestron® roller
shade motors, (10) drapery system motors, or a combination of the two up
to a total of (10) motors with each motor homerun to the power supply;
10 Drapery System solutions carry 145 lbs load each
Output: 24 Volts DC, 60 Watt max/output LPS
250 Watts Total Continuous Load
525 Watts 2 minutes ON, 10 minutes OFF Limited Duty Cycle
Load Protection: (10) Self-resetting thermal fuses, (1) per output
Power Requirements
Line Power: 110-240 Volts AC, 50/60 Hz, 5.5 Amps max at 110 Volts AC,
2.7 Amps max at 240 Volts AC
CSA-PWS10S-HUB-ENET 10-Motor Power Supply with Ethernet to Cresnet® Bridge and Cresnet Hub
NET HOST IN, OUT: (2) 4-pin 5 mm detachable terminal blocks; Cresnet®
slave ports, paralleled;
Connect to Cresnet control network in Cresnet mode,[1] power not
supplied to these connections;
Cresnet power and data pass-through;
Used to daisy-chain to additional CSA-PSW10S-HUB-ENET modules
when in Ethernet mode[1,2]
A-E, 1-10: (10) 4-pin 5 mm detachable terminal blocks comprising (2)
Cresnet ports per each of the (5) hub segments
LAN: (1) 8-pin RJ45, female; 10Base-T/100Base-TX Ethernet port
USB: (1) USB Type B female, USB computer console port
Line Power: (1) Attached input power cable (~10 in long, 254 mm) with
inline IEC 60320 C14 main power inlet;
Connects to AC power source using grounded 3-prong IEC cord
Temperature: 32° to 104° F (0° to 40° C)
Humidity: 10% to 90% RH (non-condensing)
LED Indicators
PWR 1-10: (10) Green LEDs, indicate 24 Volts present at each
corresponding output
NET A-E: (5) Amber LEDs, indicate Cresnet or Ethernet activity on each
corresponding hub segment
NET HOST: (1) Amber LED, indicates Cresnet activity with control system
MSG: (1) Red LED, indicates error messages and Test mode
MODE: (1) Switch, sets the unit to either Cresnet or Ethernet mode;
CRES: Enables Cresnet communications, unit functions as a slave device;
All daisy-chained hubs except for the master must be set to CRES[1]
LAN: Enables Ethernet communications, unit functions as a master device;
Standalone units set to LAN must be directly connected to a LAN source[1]
MASTER UP: (1) Pushbutton, press and hold to raise/open all connected
MASTER DOWN: (1) Pushbutton, press and hold to lower/close all
connected shades/drapery
TEST: (1) Pushbutton, initiates or terminates diagnostic test
RESET: (1) Recessed pushbutton, forces hardware reset
Enclosure: Metal, grey
Mounting: Mounts in a CAEN or CAEN-MLO enclosure, 16-gauge
galvanized steel enclosure with vented grey steel cover;
Surface-mountable on a wall (indoor use only)
| 800.237.2041
Height: 7.71 in (196 mm)
Width: 6.32 in (162 mm)
Depth: 3.08 in (78 mm)
3 lbs (1.4 kg)
Available Models
CSA-PWS10S-HUB-ENET: 10-Motor Power Supply with Ethernet to
Cresnet® Bridge and Cresnet Hub
Available Accessories
CRESNET-NP-BK-B500: Cresnet® Control Cable, Non-Plenum, Black,
500 ft (152 m) box
CRESNET-NP-OR-B500: Cresnet® Control Cable, Non-Plenum, Orange,
500 ft (152 m) box
CRESNET-NP-TL-B500: Cresnet® Control Cable, Non-Plenum, Teal,
500 ft (152 m) box
CRESNET-NP-TL-SP1000: Cresnet® Control Cable, Non-Plenum, Teal,
1,000 ft (304 m) spool
CRESNET-NP-TL-SP500: Cresnet® Control Cable, Non-Plenum, Teal,
500 ft (152 m) spool
CRESNET-P-BK-SP500: Cresnet® Control Cable, Plenum-Rated, Black,
500 ft (152 m) spool
CRESNET-P-OR-SP500: Cresnet® Control Cable, Plenum-Rated, Orange,
500 ft (152 m) spool
CRESNET-P-TL-SP1000: Cresnet® Control Cable, Plenum-Rated, Teal,
1,000 ft (304 m) spool
CRESNET-P-TL-SP500: Cresnet® Control Cable, Plenum-Rated, Teal,
500 ft (152 m) spool
1. A CSA-PWS10S-HUB-ENET functions as a master device only when it is set to Ethernet.
Another hub can be connected to the master hub only if that hub is set to Cresnet, thereby
becoming the slave unit. Additional daisy-chained hubs must also all be set to Cresnet.
2. Two daisy-chained CSA-PWS10S-HUB-ENET modules per Ethernet connection with up to
20 connected motors is the recommended topology for best performance. At its maximum
capabilities, one CSA-PWS10S-HUB-ENET set to Ethernet can support up to six daisychained CSA-PWS10S-HUB-ENETs set to Cresnet, controlling up to 70 shade or drapery
motors in total.
CSA-PWS10S-HUB-ENET 10-Motor Power Supply with Ethernet to Cresnet® Bridge and Cresnet Hub
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