JVD Nova Dock
• Input 100V-240V, 50/60 Hz, 0.5A
• Output: 5V, 3A.
• Large LCD-Time Display (12H/24H)
• In-room temperature reading (C/F)
• 4 levels of light dimming
• Aux cable connection for smart devices
• 2 USB (1 & 2 Amp) for charging smart devices
• FM radio
• Snooze function
• High quality stereo sound system
• Illuminated button for easy viewing at night
• Dimensions: D144 X W140 X H121 mm
• Hotel Mode Features
- One off alarm system, no daily alarm.
- Maximum volume control via operator key
- Time setting via special operator key
- Instant auto power-cutover
- With long lasting battery back-up
- Optional adjustable S/S anti-theft cable
903 306
903 204-ATL
Nova stereo alarm clock, FM, USB charging
Anti-theft Device with adjustable lasso
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