AW 120
Owner’s Manual
WARNING: To reduce risk of fire or electric shock, do not expose this appliance to
rain or moisture. Verify line voltage before use.
Do not remove cover. No user serviceable parts inside. Refer servicing to qualified
service personnel. The warranty in void if the product is tampered with by non
authorised personnel. Use only authorised Electrocompaniet service station.
Unpacking the amplifier:
Immediately upon receipt of the amplifier, inspect the carton for possible damage
during shipment. If the carton is visibly damaged, a claim must be filed with the
carrier as soon as possible.
Unpack the unit carefully, and please do remember to save all packaging materials
for future shipment. The carton and packaging have been designed to offer the
safest possible protection when transporting your amplifier.
The content of the carton is as follows:
1 pcs Electrocompaniet Ampliwire 120 DMB
1 pcs AC power cord
1 Owner's Manual
2 pcs adapter,
1 pcs Spare fuse, 5.0 AT slow-blow 5x20mm (120V AC)
2.5 AT slow-blow 5x20mm (220V AC)
The actual spare fuse is located inside the AC 3 pin receptacle.
Connecting the AW 120 DMB
Connecting to mains
Check that the mains voltage printed on the rear panel of the amplifier corresponds
with the line voltage in the territory were you intend to use your amplifier.
How to avoid damages
A good operating practice is to turn off all equipment before any connections or
disconnection’s are made. Do not under any circumstances connect or disconnect
equipment when power is turned on. If you insist on connecting or disconnecting
while power is turned on, you should be aware that the design of the RCA plug
generates a large transient when inserting the plug. This could damage both the
speakers and the amplifier.
The rear panel
The rear panel of the Ampliwire AW 120 DMB is equipped with both and XLR input
(female) and output(male), for link options. (Biamping, multiroom etc.)
AW 120 also features speakon connectors in addition to ordinary speaker terminals.
Balanced XLR operation
Use an interconnect with gnd on pin
1, + on pin 2 and – on pin 3
Single ended operation
Use an RCA to XLR adapter
Connect ECP5XLR to the XLR input.
Connect the RCA interconnect to the
input on the ECP5XLR
Balanced bridged mode (Mono)
Use an XLR interconnect from the
preamplifiers balanced output left or right to
the power amplifiers right input.
Link from the power amplifiers right XLR
output to the power amplifiers left XLR
This link must turn the phase of + and -.
Connect the speakers + to the amplifiers
right out +. Connect the speakers – to the
amplifiers left out +.
Balanced bridged mode (Mono)
Use the interconnect EC-K5-SPLITT.
Connect the end marked red to the left input
on the amplifier.
Connect the speakers + to the amplifiers
right out +. Connect the speakers – to the
amplifiers left out +.
Technical Specifications AW120:
The following technical data were measured on randomised test objects and are
typical data.
Amplifier section
Main voltage 120 V / 240 V. Clipping point of the amplifier is set to a level where total
harmonic distortion (THD) is 0.2 %.
Output Impedance (20 Hz - 20 kHz)
RCA (single) input impedance
XLR (balanced) input impedance
Input sensivity for rated output
Max. Peak current
THD (measured at 1 kHz half power, 8 Ohm)
THD (measured at 1 kHz 1 dB, 8 Ohm)
Noise (measured with both inputs shorted)
400 Hz - 30 kHz :
10 Hz - 30 kHz :
< 0,01 Ohm
220 kOhm
110 kOhm
> 100 A
< 0,002 %
< 0,002 %
90 µV
100 µV
Rated output power
10 % change in line voltage will give app. 20 % change in output power.
8 Ohm
4 Ohm
2 Ohm
2 x 120 W
2 x 200 W
2 x 350 W
Power consumption (no load or signal)
Width 483 mm / 19 inches
Depth 385 mm / 15 inches
Height135 mm / 5.3 inches
Weight 19 kg. / 41.8 lbs.
161 W
Service Policy:
When service is needed
Your dealer will have all relevant information about the service centres in your area,
and will ensure that your unit is serviced without delay. It is our general policy to
have your amplifier returned to you within 5 working days. This is an average time,
and could vary locally, depending on the work load at the service centre.
If, for some reason, there are no service facilities available in your country, please
ship the amplifier to the following address:
Electrocompaniet as
Breivikveien 7
N-4120 Tau, Norway
Fax: +47 51 74 10 10
E-mail :
You are responsible for all shipping charges, insurance, re-importation to your
country, and duty arrangements. When shipping a product to the factory for service,
always include the following:
A sales slip or other proof of purchase if repair is claimed under
A proforma invoice with value of the goods, stating that the
amplifier is returned to Norway for repair.
An accompanying letter describing faults, symptoms, or problems
with the amplifier.
Always ship the amplifier in its original carton and packaging
material to prevent damage in transit.
Electrocompaniet will not accept responsibility for any damage caused in transit,
how ever caused.
If you require further information concerning the amplifier operation, or if you have
any questions related to service, please do not hesitate to contact your dealer or
your national Electrocompaniet distributor.