Mailing, Shipping and Accounting from One Centralized Workstation

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Mailing, Shipping and Accounting from
One Centralized Workstation
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Mailing, Shipping and Accounting
from One Centralized Workstation
Neopost’s new mailing solution revolutionizes
mail processing and reporting.
The IN-710/760 maximizes efficieny by centralizing all your mail center
operations into a single workstation. The large interactive display, the core
of your consolidated and organized mail processing center, streamlines workflow
and reduces your equipment footprint. The IN-710/760 gives you the power to
process mail and parcels faster and easier than ever before.
The IN-710/760 carries Neopost's
Eco-Label which aims to provide
a clear and consistent set of
environmental performance
criteria used in the design phase
of our products.
The IN-710/760 is powered by
RunMyMail software, creating
an unparalleled user experience.
It takes all the features from the
mailing system control and applies
them to the all-in-one interactive PC.
• Large, descriptive buttons and prompts enhance the visual
experience for each operator
• Modern touch screen technology, similar to smartphones and
tablets, makes navigation a breeze
• Expedite mail processing operations with the touch of a finger
Ship packages with ease using optional NeoShip
software. Access your MyNeopost online account
and enjoy the benefits of NeoShip.
• Automatically qualify for Commercial Base Pricing
• Create and print IM®pb-compliant labels from your workstation
• Enjoy free address correction services and insurance coverage — Priority
Mail® (up to $50 value), Priority Mail Express™ (up to $100 value)
• Generate detailed shipment history, operator shipment and
transactions reports
• Obtain consolidated views of all shipments 24/7
How We Reduce Our
Environmental Footprint:
Neopost limits the machine weight
and the amount of raw materials
used for production.
The volume of our packaging is
kept to a minimum and is 100%
cardboard and recyclable.
Packaging for the IN-710/760
represents less than 20% of the
total weight of the packed product.
The user-friendly sleep mode helps
reduce energy consumption.
We develop our products to
ensure a minimum recyclability
rate of 75%.
The IN-710/760 is compliant
with environmental Regulations
Combined with NeoStats, Neopost’s postage expense management and
reporting application, the IN-710/760 is the ideal solution to monitor,
track and control postage costs.
• Generate reports to meet your business needs based on mail class, department and/or operator
• Create spreadsheets and eye-catching, colorful graphs in minutes
• Export and share data for additional analysis
Performance and Productivity
3. Large All-In-One
Interactive Display
3. Thermal Label Printer
2. Weighing Platform
1. Mixed Mail
5. Dynamic Scale
1. Mixed Mail Feeder
Eliminates hand sorting by size
or weight. Self-aligning rollers
prevent jams or misprints.
The 700 Series is among the
strongest performers in the
market, processing up to 140 lpm
(IN-710) and 175 lpm (IN-760).
6. Custom Furniture
4. Large All-In-One
Interactive Display
Enhances user experience.
Touch screen and standalone
wireless keyboard make
navigation a breeze.
2. Weighing Platform
5. Dynamic Scale
Handles even the heaviest
parcels and oversized packages.
Available platforms include:
5, 10, 30 and 70 lb. Add
differential weighing to reduce
manual processing and handling.
Weighs, rates and classifies mail at
speeds up to 75 lpm (IN-710) and
110 lpm (IN-760). Reliable sensors
detect dimensions to ensure
compliance to USPS® ShapeBased Pricing requirements.
3. Thermal Label Printer
6. Custom Furniture
Generates IM®pb-compliant
shipping labels in seconds.
Peel-and-stick labels are ready to
be applied to your parcels.
Provides the ideal workspace for
an IN-710/760 mailing solution.
84" custom furniture is available
with several mounting options.
Processing speed (batch)
IN-710 up to 140 lpm
IN-760 up to 175 lpm (postcard)
Dynamic weighing speed
IN-710 up to 75 lpm
IN-760 up to 110 lpm (postcard)
Feeding capability
Automatic feeder (hand feed not available)
All-in-one PC with display
RunMyMail software
Power line conditioner
Wireless router
Envelope minimum
3.5" x 5"
Envelope maximum
10" x 13"
Envelope thickness
Up to 5/8"
Envelope orientation
Landscape or portrait
Ad slogans
Personalized text messages
10 custom
Incoming date stamp
Default rate settings
Postage meter tapes
Yes, integrated automatic label dispenser
Operator with 4-digit PIN code
70 standard
Rate wizard
Rate shortcut keys
Automatic postal rates download
Low-ink email alerts
NeoStats Basic
We’ve Got
You Covered
Neopost maintains a
network of offices
across the country
to provide local
customer support and trained
technicians who are ready to assist you.
You can be confident that when you
need knowledgeable support or expert
service, the point-of-contact will be a
Neopost office in your area consisting
of a team of local professionals.
Why Choose Neopost?
NeoShip, NeoShip PLUS,
NeoShip thermal label printer
NeoStats Enhanced
Differential weighing
External weighing platform
Available 10, 30 or 70 lb.
Accounts/departments upgrade
100, 300 or 500
Barcode scanner
External USB report printer
E-Services with ERR App
Furniture and Mounting Options
84" custom table
Desk mount
Includes keyboard with touchpad mouse;
keyboard tray and pole with supporting
hardware to accommodate (a) C-Clamp
mounting and (b) surface mounting
(requires a hole to be drilled into table)
Wall mount
Includes keyboard with touchpad mouse;
keyboard tray and hardware to support
wall mount
Desktop stand
Includes full-size keyboard and mouse;
reinforced stand for all-in-one PC
Neopost is a global leader in mailing
solutions, shipping services and digital
communications. We believe that
people are the key to business success.
That's why our products and services
are tailored to help your organization
improve the quality of its interactions
and bring people closer together.
In this age of multichannel
communications, we guide and
empower you to interact in new and
innovative ways. We advise you on how
to create cost-cutting synergies. We
deliver global coverage with a strong
local presence, offering you continual
support by phone, onsite or online.
Today, Neopost is present in 31
countries and has a network of partners
in more than 90 countries. We promote
responsible business and sustainable
development through our products and
outreach programs. Our 6,200
employees worldwide are committed to
making your interactions more
responsive and more powerful – offering
you a competitive edge that will open
up a wealth of business opportunities.
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