VS4-1845 - Video Scope International

Generation III or II Image Intensifier Assembly
 GEN III High Resolution Intensifier
 C-Mount In and Out
 64 Linepairs/mm Resolution
 F-Mount Output Optional
 Over 80,000 Luminous Gain
 Computer Control of Gain and
Gate Functions
 1/2" or 2/3” Camera Format
 1” Camera Format Optional
 Built-in Bright Input Protection
 3ns Gating Optional
 GEN II Versions available
General Description
The VS4-1845 is a high resolution high gain Generation III Microchannel Plate (MCP) Image
Intensifier optically coupled using a high efficiency lens for use in very low light quantitative
imaging. The VS4-1845 is coupled to a Digital or Analog video camera via a C-Mount lens
output. F-Mount output is available as an option. The output format is fixed for either a 1/2",
2/3” camera. Optional 1” camera support available. The use of the special Generation III
Image Intensifier in the VS4-1845 results in quantum efficiency three times over other
intensifiers in the visible spectrum.
The VS4-1845 is designed for use in applications where input to output intensity linearity is
required for rigorous quantification of input intensity. Over-exposure protection is included.
The VS4-1845 is pre-adjusted for maximum gain and calibrated for use with a Windows™
operated control. A GUI allows the user to adjust the Gain, Gate and Gate Delay.
The VS4-1845 comes complete with instruction manual, intensifier control software (for
Windows™), cables, and power supply ready to operate.
Type: GEN III MCP Image Intensifier
Gating Range: 50ns to 1ms (in 20ns
Input Window (Visible): Glass
Input Window (UV): Quartz
Gating Delay Range: 0ns to 2ms (in
20ns increments)
Active Area: 18 mm
Photocathode Selections:
Optional Gate Range: 3ns to DC (in
1ns increments)
o Standard – 450 to 900nm
Resolution: 64 linepairs/mm
o Optional Extended Blue – 350 to
900 nm with >50% peak QE
Output Format: 8mm for ½” camera
o Optional GEN II UV – 200 to
11mm for ⅔” camera
16mm for 1” camera
Output Window: Fiber Optic
Geometric Distortion: <1%
Phosphor: P- 43
Shading: <10%
Peak Output: 560 nm
Control: Via Computer (RS-232) with
Windows™ Operating System
Gain Range: 2,500 to 80,000 FL/FC
Life: 10,000 hours
Dimensions: 90 x 73 x 99 mm
Weight: 3 lbs
Input Lens Mount: C-Mount
Camera Mount: C-Mount
Input Voltage: 12VDC (AC/DC Adapter included)
Input Power: <10 Watts
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