Clearing Patient Data and Use Time from 3B RESmart® PAP Devices

Clearing Patient Data and Use Time from
3B RESmart® PAP Devices
Erasing patient data and device usage information is accomplished through a hidden function.
Caution: This function will permanently delete patient data and cannot be reversed.
1. If the machine is a RESmart® CPAP or Auto-CPAP, proceed to step 2. If the machine is a
RESmart® BPAP device, hold down the RAMP and POWER buttons and keep them pressed
while performing step 2.
2. Connect power cord to device.
3. If the machine is a RESmart® BPAP, proceed to step 4. Otherwise, enter the patient menu by
pressing and holding the RAMP button (the screen will show “Heater”).
4. Press and release the MINUS (-) button several times to navigate to the “Date” setting.
5. Press the RAMP button to enter the “Year” setting.
6. Press the MINUS (-) button several times until the year is set to 2097, then press RAMP.
7. Set the month to 07, then press RAMP.
8. Set the day to 01, then press RAMP.
9. If the machine does not have an SD card slot in the back, proceed to step 10. Otherwise, press
the PLUS (+) button to navigate to the Time setting, and press RAMP.
10. Set the hour to 00, then press RAMP.
11. Set the minute to 26, then press RAMP.
12. Press the RAMP button several times until the screen displays “Hour” again.
13. Press the red POWER button to clear all data from the machine and to restore the machine to
its factory default settings.
14. To confirm the machine was cleared, you may check the Use Time option in the clinician's
15. If the machine has an SD card, that will have to be cleared separately via a computer with an
SD card reader. Deleting all of the files from the card is sufficient.
IMPORTANT: Following completion of these steps, the machine's date and time settings will have to
be reset to the current date and time to ensure correct data recording and capture.
If technical assistance is needed, please contact 3B Medical's Technical Support at (863) 226-6285 and
dial extension “1” for Technical Support.
3B Medical, Inc., 21301 Hwy 27, Lake Wales, FL 33859 Tel: (863) 226-6285 Fax: (863) 226-6284 Email:
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