OE6250G-M Optical-to-Electrical Converter

Key Features
Optical-to-electrical converter for
intensity-modulated signals to
28 Gbaud and higher
– Up to 36 GHz bandwidth in
flat frequency response mode
– Up to 25 GHz bandwidth in 4th-order Bessel-Thomson
frequency response mode
DC-coupled detector for accurate
signal reproduction with a real-time
Teledyne LeCroy’s OE6250G-M optical-to-electrical converter
enables measurement of intensity-modulated optical signals up
to 28 Gbaud and beyond on LabMaster or WaveMaster series realtime oscilloscopes. As a fully calibrated module, the OE6250G-M
integrates seamlessly into the oscilloscope software to give
optical intensity measurement straight out of the box. Teledyne
LeCroy’s extensive toolset includes powerful analysis tools for
NRZ, PAM4, and other signal types, and enables custom signal
processing and reference receiver implementation.
High-bandwidth Optical
A Complete Measurement
Fully calibrated and integrated
With up to 36 GHz of optical
The OE6250G-M enables high-speed
50/125 µm multi-mode fiber input
bandwidth, the OE6250G-M has the
optical signals to be analyzed using
Ideal for Eye Mask, Extinction Ratio,
high performance necessary to acquire
Teledyne LeCroy’s industry-leading
NRZ and PAM4 signals at 28 Gbaud
software and solutions toolset.
and higher. As a fully calibrated
Apply software clock-recovery using
optical-to-electrical converter, the
standard or custom PLL types, and
Compatible with Teledyne LeCroy
OE6250G-M’s response characteristics
analyze up to four NRZ signals
WaveMaster 8 Zi, LabMaster 9 Zi-A,
are combined with those of the
simultaneously with eye diagrams,
and LabMaster 10 Zi oscilloscope
oscilloscope, and compensated to
jitter and noise analysis, and extensive
an ideal response throughout the
visualization options. Or leverage the
measurement system.
PAM4 Signal Analysis package, with
and Optical Modulation Amplitude
(OMA) testing
the most sophisticated eye, jitter and
noise analysis available.
1. Direct Optical Measurement
4. A full set of real-time tools
The OE6250G-M is automatically recognized by the
oscilloscope on connection - waveforms are acquired,
measured and displayed directly as optical power levels.
The OE6250G-M frees you from the limitations of
equivalent-time instruments. Acquire single-shot waveforms
in real-time. Examine one-off events, apply mathematical
functions and software filters.
2. Wide Wavelength Range
The OE6250G-M supports optical signals from 830nm to
1600nm. Input wavelength selection is made directly via
3. Calibrated Performance
On-board calibration data is transferred automatically to the
oscilloscope, ensuring a well-controlled frequency response.
Bessel-Thomson and Flat responses are both available.
5. Measurement Simplicity
Make measurements such as Extinction Ratio directly on
intensity-modulated optical signals.
6. Sophisticated Serial Analysis
Leverage Teledyne LeCroy’s industry-leading serial data
toolset, including eye, jitter and noise analysis of NRZ and
PAM4 signal types, for your high-baud-rate optical signals.
Apply clock recovery algorithms, including standard and
custom PLL types, directly in software.
Analog Bandwidth
Wavelength Range
Calibration Wavelengths
Conversion gain at 850nm
Conversion gain at 1310nm
Conversion gain at 1550nm
Electrical output coupling
5% compression point at 1550nm
Noise measured up to 50GHz
Optical Return Loss
Polarization dependent loss at 1550 nm
RF impedance
Fiber (core/cladding)
RF connector
Optical Connector
25 GHz (Bessel-Thomson response mode), 36 GHz (Flatness response mode)
830nm - 1600nm
850nm, 1310nm, 1550nm
-80 V/W
-125 V/W
-125 V/W
DC coupled
4 mW (minimum)
500 uV RMS
19 dB
0.1 dB
50 Ω
50/125 µm
2.92 mm
Note: All specifications subject to change without notice.
Product Description
Product Code
Optical-to-Electrical Converter, 25 GHz (Bessel-Thomson) / 36 GHz (Flat), 830nm - 1600nm, 2.92mm connector
Recommended Oscilloscope Configuration
36 GHz, 80 GS/s, 4 Ch, 32 Mpts/Ch LabMaster 10 Zi Acquisition Module
SDA Master Control Module for LabMaster with 15.3” WXGA Color Display
LabMaster 10-36Zi-A
The OE6250G-M is compatible with all LabMaster 10Zi and WaveMaster 8Zi series oscilloscopes.
Optical-to-electrical converter bandwidth will be reduced if used with a lower-bandwidth oscilloscope.
Customer Service
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difficulties, our digital oscilloscopes are fully warranted for three years and our probes are warranted for one year. This warranty includes:
• No charge for return shipping
• Long-term 7-year support
• Upgrade to latest software at no charge
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