Delock Cable Video Scart male (output) > VGA male (input) 2 m

Delock Cable Video Scart male (output) > VGA male (input) 2 m
This Scart to VGA cable by Delock enables you to connect
devices with a VGA port, e.g. a monitor or projector, to a
device with a Scart port, e.g. a DVD player or video
recorder. The signal can only be transferred from the Scart
device to the VGA device.
• Connector: Scart 21 pin male > VGA 15 pin male
• Signal direction: Scart = input; VGA = output
• Cable gauge: 30 AWG
• Cable diameter: ca. 5.4 mm
• Nickel-plated connector
• Length incl. connector: ca. 2 m
• Colour: black
Item No. 65028
EAN: 4043619650286
Country of origin: China
Package: Poly bag
System requirements
• Device with a free Scart interface (output)
• VGA port with a refresh rate of 50 Hz
Package content
• Cable Scart > VGA
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