Philips MMS171W Multimedia Speaker 2.1

Multimedia Speaker 2.1
Smart sound solution
Controlling the sound
Ultimate bass performance
• Bass boost technology with level control
Connect to all your gear
• Perfect for MP3, PC, TV, CD & more
• Remote volume control for convenient sound adjustment
Multimedia Speaker 2.1
Product highlights
• Remote control: Volume Control
• Power on indication
Bass with level control
Unique subwoofer design produces a much deeper, richer
bass. You also have the possibility to set the bass level to
your choice.
Perfect for MP3, PC, TV & more
Connect your speakers to all your gear. A great way to
listen to your MP3 player, PC, TV, CD, DVD and all your
multimedia stuff.
Remote volume control
The handy wired remote control allows you to set the
volume level at your finger tips.
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