Product Specification Sheet
Targus Laptop ChillHub™
Part #: AWE01US
Product Description:
As seen in PARADE magazine on December 5th,
The Targus Notebook Cooling ChillHub™ is designed to
help maximize notebook performance by keeping the
notebook cool during use. Two fans pass cool air over the
notebook to help prevent overheating. An integrated 4-port
USB 2.0 hub provides added connectivity for peripherals
such as mice, memory drives, keyboards, cameras,
printers and other USB powered devices. Perfect for use
in the office or on the road.
Product Features and Specifications:
Prevent overheating: Two-fan cooling system pulls heat away from the notebook and
prevents the CPU from overheating during use
Protect your workspace: High-heat generating notebooks can damage furniture surfaces;
the ChillHub protects furniture from heat damage
Expand your capabilities: True plug and play for up to 4 USB 2.0 devices like mice,
keyboard, memory drives, lights, PDAs, etc.
Product Name
Targus Laptop
Exterior Dimensions
Windows® 2000, XP,
Vista™ or MAC OS X
(10.4 or higher)
Model Number
One Year Warranty
Street Cost
2 lb 5 oz
Features, specifications and price are subject to change without notification.