Product Information
Intelligent compact network minidome camera with Sony-unique
DynaView technology
Network mini-dome camera
such as Intelligent Motion Detection (IMD) and Intelligent
Object Detection (IOD) - and rules or filters that determine
which images should be recorded or when an alarm
should be triggered.
Selectable JPEG, MPEG-4 and H.264 compression formats
This powerful yet compact network camera supports an
efficient and intelligent processing method called intelligent video analytics. This determines automatically when
an image should be recorded or an alarm should be
triggered. Coupled with this intelligence, the camera delivers a dramatic improvement in dynamic range (128 times
that of a conventional camera) thanks to Sony-unique
DynaView technology. This makes the camera ideal in extremely high-contrast environments. Designed for indoor
use, its clever design saves time and effort at installation,
and gives you true location flexibility.
This multi-codec camera supports three compression
formats: JPEG, the best choice of high-quality still images; MPEG-4, the format that provides clear moving images efficiently over limited-bandwidth networks; and
H.264, the alternative for severely limited-bandwidth networks, providing twice the efficiency of MPEG-4. The
camera can generate JPEG and MPEG-4 images
Sony-patented Ball-Joint Lens Mount
This mechanism is incorporated into the vari-focal lens,
enabling the lens to be rotated freely in any direction. Unlike conventional cameras, a simple single action is all
that’s required to adjust the pan and tilt angle. It provides
quick and easy adjustment of the camera’s viewing angle
during installation.
Flexible and easy installation
1/3-type CCD with DynaView technology
This feature dramatically improves the camera’s dynamic
range (128x greater than a conventional camera) by capturing the same image twice (the dark areas at normal
shutter speed; then the bright areas at high shutter
speed) and combining these into one image using an advanced DSP LSI.
Intelligent video analytics
Based on the Sony Distributed Processing Architecture
(DEPA) platform, this efficient and intelligent processing
method comprises intelligent built-in camera functions -
This camera is easily wall-mounted or ceiling mounted.
Camera focus and viewing angle can be easily and accurately adjusted using the secondary video output (the RCA
phono jack, located at the rear of the camera along with a
BNC video output).
3.6x zoom, auto-iris vari-focal lens
Equipped with a 3.6x zoom vari-focal lens, this camera
can cover an extremely wide range of viewing angles
from 100.8° (wide angle) to 27.2° (telephoto). This feature
provides installation flexibility for a number of different applications and locations
images with proper colour in extreme high-contrast environments, using Sony-unique DynaView technology.
Dynamic Frame Integration (DFI)
DFI technology reproduces clear images containing both
still and moving objects. It detects movement within an
image and reproduces those areas with minimal blurring
(areas with little/no movement are displayed naturally with
minimal jagged edges). It also exploits the interlaced-scan
CCD to provide clear images even in low light conditions.
Intelligent Motion Detection (IMD) and Intelligent
Object Detection (IOD
IMD triggers many actions (e.g., store/transfer images,
activate external devices) and minimises false alarms.
IOD is useful for detecting suspicious items left in public
places or stalled cars/accidents on the road. With both
IMD and IOD, intelligence is extended and refined when
the camera is configured with other DEPA-enabled
Easier monitoring with intelligent, automatic image recording and alarm triggers
Your monitoring tasks are made easier by this camera’s
efficient and intelligent processing method - it determines
automatically when an image should be recorded or an
alarm should be triggered. It also minimises server workload, network bandwidth and storage requirements.
Operational convenience with three compression formats
Enjoy extraordinary operational flexibility using the best
compression format for different image types and networks (JPEG for high-quality still images; MPEG-4 and
H.264 for clear, moving images over bandwidth-limited
and severely bandwidth-limited networks).
Easy to install and locate where you want
More effective high-contrast indoor security and
surveillance monitoring
This camera can boost your indoor security and surveillance monitoring applications by reproducing clear
Thanks to a unique Sony-patented mechanism, just a
simple, single action is required to adjust the viewing
angle during installation. You can make your location
choices secure in the knowledge that this camera will fit
right in. It’s ideal for wide-angle to telephoto applications,
and for wall-mounting or ceiling-mounting.
Technical Specifications
Image device
Number of effective pixels
Zoom ratio
Focal length
Horizontal view angle
F Number
Minimum illumination
Minimum object distance
Shutter speed
Other functions
1/3 type CCD imager (DynaView Technology)
PAL: 440,000 pixels, 752 (H) x 582 (V)
Optical x3.6 ( x1.5 Digital Zoom)
f=2.8 – 10mm
100.8 – 27.7 degree
F1.3 (Wide end), F3.0 (Tele end)
@50IRE : 0.7lx (AGC ON, F1.3) @30IRE : 0.35lx (AGC ON, F1.3)
1/50 – 1/10,000 second (PAL)
DynaView, Dynamic Frame Integration, Image stabilizer, Privacy Zone Masking
Image Size
Compression format
Maximum frame rate
640 x 480(VGA), 320 x 240(QVGA), 160 x 120(QQVGA)
JPEG, MPEG4, H.264 (Selectable)
JPEG: VGA: max. 25fps (PAL) QVGA: max. 25fps (PAL) MPEG4: VGA: max. 25fps
(PAL) QVGA: max. 25fps (PAL) H.264: VGA: max. 8fps (PAL) QVGA: max. 25fps (PAL)
Max simultaneous access
20 clients
I/O port
10BASE-T / 100BASE-TX (RJ-45)
Sensor input x 1, Alarm output x2
Analog video Output
External microphone input
Audio line output
Composite video (1Vp-p)
Mini-jack (Monaural), 2.2k ohm, 2.5VDC plug-in power
Mini-jack (Monaural), Max output level: 1 V rms
Analog video output
Signal system
Horizontal Resolution
S/N ratio
480 lines
more than 50dB
System Requirements
Web browser
Windows 2000/ Windows XP
Pentium4 1.5GHz or higher (2.4GHz or higher is recommended)
Microsoft Internet Explorer Ver6.0 or higher
Power requirement
Power consumption
Operating temperature
Storage temperature
Storage humidity
Storage humidity
approx. 920 g
126 x 140.5 (f x H mm)
PoE (IEEE-802.3af), AC24V, DC12V
max. 9W
-10C to +50C
-20C to +60C
20 to 80%
20 to 95%