Philips Full-body solarium

Full-body solarium
Summer glow all the time
A natural, even and long lasting tan
The full-body solarium combines UV light and infrared warmth for a natural, even and
long lasting tan. To enjoy relaxing warmth the infrared lamps can also be used separately.
Scents and sound or FM radio enhance the sun experience.
A natural summer tan
• Unique combination of UV & infrared light for an optimal tan
• Reflector system provides an even tan all over your body
• Lamps for long lasting real tan
Relaxation of body and mind
• Separate infrared function for enjoyable warmth
• Integrated speakers to enjoy nature sounds, music or radio
• Natural scents to enhance the experience
Convenient use
• Remote control allows you to adjust settings
• Easy unfolding in just 3 steps
• Height adjustable with built-in distance meter
Full-body solarium
Product highlights
Electronic Features
Voltage: 230 V
Frequency: 50 Hz
Power: InfraTan: 1485, Infrared: 2200 W
Current: InfraTan: 6.8, Infrared: 9.9 A
Fuse: 16 slow A
UV Lamps: Philips Cleo HPA synergy 2x 300 W
IR lamps: Philips infrared lamps 2 x 1100 W
Cord length: 4 m
Audio power: 2 x 5Watt RMS per channel
Audio signal-to-noise ratio: > 60 dB
Response frequency: 60 - 20K Hz
FM digital radio: 88 - 108 MHz
• Scent cartridges: 2
• Scent granule F-box with 3 fillings: 1
Logistic data
• Product size closed: (LxWxH)
1175x295x395 mm
• Product size open: (LxWxH) 1130x850x1600 mm
• Packaging size: (LxWxH) 1230x390x455 mm
• Product weight (excl. packaging): 19.2 kg
• Pallet quantity: 8
• CTV code: 884856501000
• Country of origin: Poland
• EAN code WE: 8710103386568
Timer: Double safe + auto shut-off
Insulation: Kema Class II (double insulated)
Safety norm: UV type III European CENELEC
Filter: Hardened glass
Slider: Double blocking security
Number of safety goggles: 2
Logistic data scent granules HB080
12 NC code: 884308001010
CTV code: 884 3 080 01000
EAN A-box: 8710103191339
EAN F-box: 8710103191322
Unique combination of UV & infrared light
During the tanning experience, a unique combination of
UV and infrared light, like natural sunlight, is used. The
infrared lamps stimulate the blood circulation in the skin.
This increases oxygen supply in the skin, which enhances
the tanning process. The full-body solarium is designed to
let you enjoy on average (depending on skin type) 30
minutes of safe, full body tanning.
Unique reflector system
A unique reflector system creates an even 190x70cm
tanning field, providing you with an even tan all over your
Lamps for long lasting real tan
Lamps with the similar UV spectrum as the natural sun
give you a long lasting real tan that does not wash off.
Infrared warmth
Relax by using the separate infrared lamp function for
enjoyable warmth all over your body.
Integrated speakers with digital radio
Two integrated speakers let you enjoy relaxing, preprogrammed sounds of nature. Alternatively, you can
listen to your favourite station on the built in digital radio
or connect your own MP3 or iPod player to listen to your
Natural scents
The full-body solarium offers a choice of three unique
ambient scents that enhance the multi-sensory
experience (Summer Blue, Orange Valley and Green
Oasis, accessory no. HB080). Just choose your favourite
and adjust the intensity to your preference.
Remote control
The remote control allows you to conveniently adjust the
setting during the tanning session without having to reach
for the buttons on the appliance itself.
3-step set-up
Unfolds from compact, storable size in three simple
Height adjustable
For an optimal even tanning field of 190x70cm, the lamp
house needs to be positioned 65cm above your body. You
can adjust the height of the lamp house to the height of
your own bed. The full-body solarium is suitable for use
with beds with a height of up to 57cm (incl. mattress).
The bottom of the bed needs to be a minimum of 8cm
above the ground to allow the full-body solarium's legs to
be positioned underneath it.
Lightweight design makes the full-body solarium easy to
use and transport.
The ingenious design of the full-body solarium lets you
fold the appliance to the size of a compact suitcase, for
convenient and space saving storage.
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