Philips SWV2530 3.0 m Composite A/V Connections Scart cable

Scart cable
3.0 m
Composite A/V Connections
Ensure a reliable connection
with this premium audio/video cable
Depend on this cable to take your components to optimum performance. It offers the
best connection for transferring audio/video signals between components.
Enjoy good picture quality
• Nickel-plated connectors for reliable contact
• Crafted with quality construction
Protects against signal loss
• Bare copper shielding
Easy installation
• Colour coded connectors for instant recognition
• Plug and play for easy use
Enjoy extended durability
• Moulded plug for secure connections
• Flexible PVC jacket for extended durability
Environmentally Responsible
• Environmentally friendly lead-free construction
Scart cable
3.0 m Composite A/V Connections
Product highlights
Outer Carton
EAN/UPC/GTIN: 87 10895 96085 4
Quantity: 12
Gross weight: 3.93 kg
Tare weight: .50 kg
Net weight: 3.43 kg
Length: 285 mm
Width: 245 mm
Height: 290 mm
Gross weight: .22 kg
Tare weight: .03 kg
Net weight: .19 kg
Product length: 28 cm
Product dimensions (W x H): 175 x 43 mm
Nickel-plated connectors
Nickel-plated connectors establish a clean contact
between the cable and connector for a reliable
Quality construction
Quality construction uses only top grade materials to
create products of extended durability.
Bare Copper Shielding
Bare copper shielding protects against signal loss.
Colour-coded connectors
Colour coded connections make it easy to install your
cable into the correct inputs and outputs
Plug and play
Plug and play offers easy installation of components
without time-consuming installations.
Moulded plug
Moulded plugs ensure secure connections between
components and offer extended durability.
Flexible PVC Jacket
Flexible PVC jacket provided protection to the delicate
core of the cable. It also offers extended durability and
ease of installation.
Lead-free construction
Lead-free construction of environmentally friendly
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