Philips Viva Collection Kettle HD4678/55

1.2 L, 2400 W
Variable temperature control
Hot drink with a twist
Kettle with variable temperature control
Every hot drink requires a certain temperature, ranging from ready-to-sip drinks to boiling.
Simply select the temperature you require by turning the control knob, and enjoy your
perfect instant coffee, instant noodles, green or black tea.
• Variable temperature control to prepare various drinks
• Double action filter for clear water and a cleaner kettle
• Flat heating element for fast boiling and easy cleaning
Safe to use
• Hinged locking, cool lid for optimal safety
• Precision spout without splashing hot water
• Automatic shut-off if there is too little water
Easy to experience
• Pilot light illuminates when kettle is switched on
• Two-sided water level indicators for left- & right-handed use
• Pirouette 360° centre connector for left & right handed use
Double Action anti-scale filter
1.2 L, 2400 W
Product highlights
General specifications
Automatic shut-off
Double boil-dry protection
Cord storage
Non-slip feet
Ergonomic grip
Wide opening lid
360° base
Lid as well as spout filling
Technical Specifications
Electricity: 2000-2400 W
Cord length: 0.75 m
Voltage: 220-240 V
Frequency: 50–60 Hz
Capacity: 1.2 ml
Design specifications
• Materials: PP
• Colour: Bright white/Sunset orange/55
• Filter: HD4983
Issue date 2008-11-25
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Variable temperature control
Every drink requires a specific water temperature to
realise the best end result. By turning the temperature
control knob, the temperature level of the water can be
influenced. Making sure the basic ingredient for your tea,
instant coffee, soup or noodles is at the temperature you
Double Action anti-scale filter
The Double Action filter works two ways: a scale collector
attracts scale from the water, and the regular filter
prevents the remaining particles from being poured into
your drink.