Product Specification Sheet
Targus Ultra Max Laptop Cable Lock
Part #: ASP02US
Product Description:
The Targus Ultra Max Notebook Cable lock is made with
industrial strength Technora® coated cable fiber offering
astonishing pull strength to over 2,300 pounds. At 8mm
thick, this ultra strong cable offers maximum security. Up
to 10,000 4-digit combinations are possible and they can
be set or changed at any time. It conveniently attaches to
any notebook or other hardware equipped with a lock slot.
Product Features and Specifications:
Technora® technology - Using Technora fiber as part of the cable increases the pull
strength of the cable to over 2,300 pounds
Vinyl-coated cable
Protect your notebook/LCD/projector - Attaches to a computer, LCD monitor, or projector
equipped with a lock slot
Set your own password – Up to 10,000 possible combinations that can be set or changed
at any time
Product Name
Targus Ultra Max Laptop Exterior Dimensions
Cable Lock
6.5' of cable; 8mm thick
Model Number
Limited One Year
Street Cost
9 oz
Features, specifications and price are subject to change without notification.