Product Specification Sheet
Targus HeatDefense™ for Laptops
Part #: AWE45US
Product Description:
The Targus HeatDefense™ for Laptops serves as a barrier
that shields your office furniture and lap from high heat
generated by laptops. A crystalline compound absorbs
heat by turning into a soft gel, keeping the laptop running
cool to help prolong battery life. Once the heat is
removed, the gel turns back into crystals and is ready for
use again. No fans or power are required to operate which
provides a highly portable, quiet laptop cooling solution.
Product Features and Specifications:
Functionality – Heat barrier shields furniture and lap from laptop heat; helps prolong battery
Unique Heat Absorption – Special crystals absorb heat by turning into a soft gel. Once
heat is removed, gel turns back into crystals and is ready for next use
Passive Cooling Pad – No fans or power required for a quiet work environment
RoHS Compliant – N/A
Compatibility – Designed for 12" – 17" laptops
Product Name
Targus HeatDefense™
for Laptops
Exterior Dimensions
11.75" x 0.125" x 13.75"
Model Number
Limited One Year
Street Cost
1.24 lbs
Two-Sided: Gray / Black
Features, specifications and price are subject to change without notification.