PC microphone
Desktop PC microphone
This sensitive microphone is ideal for heavy online users. With a mute function for greater
convenience and an integrated cable winder for a tidier desktop, get ready for hours of
carefree chatting.
Clear voice transmission
• Sensitive directional mic for clear voice transmission
• Position the microphone for optimised voice pick-up
Ultimate Convenience
• For switching the microphone on/off
• Cable winder simplifies cable storage and length adjustment
PC microphone
• Microphone cartridge: 6 mm
• Sensitivity microphone: 100-10000 Hz, -40+/- 3dB
• Net weight: 0.063 kg
• Tare weight: 0.059 kg
Inner Carton
• Cable length: 2 m
• Connector: 3.5 mm
Inner carton (L x W x H): 31 x 31 x 12.5 cm
Gross weight: 1.002 kg
Net weight: 0.378 kg
Tare weight: 0.624 kg
Outer Box
• Mute switch
Packaging dimensions
• Packaging dimensions (W x H x D):
11 x 29.7 x 8.5 cm
• Gross weight: 0.122 kg
Outer carton (L x W x H): 63.5 x 32.5 x 27 cm
Gross weight: 4.858 kg
Net weight: 1.512 kg
Tare weight: 3.346 kg
To ensure the microphone is always optimally
positioned to pick up your voice.
Adjustable microphone
This easily adjusted boom will make sure the
microphone is always optimally positioned to pick up
your voice.
On/off button
Very easy way to switch the microphone on and off.
You can also mute your voice when you don't want
the person you are talking to to hear.
Integrated cable winder
A neat solution for storing the cable and adjusting its
length for maximum convenience.
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Sensitive directional mic
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