Philips 3.5mm audio cable SWR2110

3.5mm audio cable
3 ft
Connect your computer to an external sound system
High-quality audio
Use this retractable cable to connect two 3.5mm stereo jacks. Perfect for great stereo sound
from your computer, MP3 player and other handheld devices. Ideal for at home and travel
Share your music
• Play MP3 and WMA music
Enjoy good sound quality
• True stereo sound
Ideal for travel
• Retractable cable for easy storage
• Eliminates tangles for easy cable management
Easy installation
• Plug & Play for easier installation
Enjoy extended durability
• Molded ends for extended durability
3.5mm audio cable
Retractable 3 ft
Inner Carton
Gross weight: 0.534 lb
GTIN: 2 06 09585 18320 3
Inner carton (L x W x H): 9.7 x 2.8 x 3.7 inch
Nett weight: 0.159 lb
Number of consumer packagings: 4
Tare weight: 0.375 lb
Outer Carton
Gross weight: 2.119 lb
GTIN: 1 06 09585 18320 6
Outer carton (L x W x H): 10.4 x 9.1 x 4.5 inch
Nett weight: 0.476 lb
• Number of consumer packagings: 12
• Tare weight: 1.643 lb
Packaging dimensions
• Packaging dimensions (W x H x D):
3.5 x 9.4 x 0.9 inch
• Gross weight: 0.106 lb
• Nett weight: 0.040 lb
• Number of products included: 1
• Packaging type: Blister
• Tare weight: 0.066 lb
• UPC: 6 09585 18320 9
True stereo sound
A solitary connection of audio out (left and right)
which goes directly to a stereo receiver for improved
Eliminates tangles
The spring-loaded retractable device facilitates easy
mobility when traveling by allowing you to select
exactly the length of cable you need and storing the
rest on an internal reel.
Plug & Play
Plug & Play gives you the ability to install or add a new
component and have it work without having to
perform any complex installation procedure or
technical analysis.
Molded ends
Molded ends prevent fraying and extend the life of
your cable.
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UPC: 6 09585 18320 9