DIGITUS Lifestylebag
nocturnal raid
EAN 4016032256687
Logistical Information
Packaging Unit (pcs)
Packet weight (kg)
Box weight in kg
Country of origin
Material: Extremely durable CosmoTexTM Fabric, water and dirt repellent, also
suitable for trips into space/weightlessness
High value inside lining with artwork, gluten and lactose free
Adjustable, padded carrying strap, lasts longer
Dimensions: 42x31x12cm
Suitable for notebooks without extensive preparations for the journey
Padded compartments for notebook, cell phone, MP3 player and mobile HDD and
for everything that might be required for any occasion.
Spacious DIN A4 document compartment, also for optically demanding reading
Sealed opening for headphone cable (the MP3 player can remain in its own
compartment while it is being used) not suitable as a buttonhole
Pen and pencil case, can hold up to three pens/pencils at the same time
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