B E Y O U R S E L F.
Nox Acid Blaster is the state-of-the-art fan technology
in the market!
The latest Nano Precision Bearing (NPB) is made of
Nano materials. The electrical motor is optimized for
low noise operation, even at full speed it is virtually
silent. By combining high end materials the Nox Acid
Blaster series achieves a lifetime expectancy of over
150.000 hours.
• NPB (Nano Precision Bearing)
• Translucent fan blades
• Water & Dust proof
• Extremely durable
• Optimized silent design
120 x 120 x 25 mm
Voltage Range:
4 ~ 13 V
Rotation Speed:
1200RPM ± 10%
3 pin
80.52 m³/h
Lifetime in hours:
150.000 MTBF
47.39 CFM
Extra features:
- NPB (Nano Precision Bearing)
Acoustical Noise:
13 dB/A
- Translucent fan blades
Static Pressure:
1.53 mm H2O
- Includes 4 rubber fan slicks
Input Power:
1.2 W
- 10 year warranty
Input Current:
0.10 A
www.nox- x t re m e . c o m
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