AccelePort® Xe
Multiport Serial Cards
ISA-based intelligent serial card provides fast, reliable
connectivity to a wide range of asynchronous devices.
The AccelePort Xe intelligent serial card is a cost-effective
connectivity solution designed to deliver fast, reliable
connections for multiuser workgroups. It supports terminals,
printers, modems and other asynchronous peripherals and is
recommended for point-of-sale, data acquisition, factory
automation and industrial control applications.
Application Highlight
The AccelePort Xe is equipped with powerful on-board I/O
processing to optimize host CPU utilization. It offers full
modem control and hardware handshaking. A broad range of
operating systems are supported and device drivers are
available for download.
The AccelePort Xe is available in RS-232 and RS-422
versions. RS-422 solutions are capable of transmitting signals
over greater distances at higher speeds and are generally
immune to electrical interference and surges. They are ideal
for industrial and manufacturing applications as well as
widespread point-of-sale operations.
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• On-board processing relieves host CPU of
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Serial Ports
Serial Connector
DB-25 or DB-9 fan-out cables, RJ-45 connector
box, DB-25 connector box with 4’ foot cable
115.2 Kbps
DB-9 or DB-25 fan-out cable options
57.6 Kbps
General Features
Operating Systems
Dimensions (L x H)
Linux®, Windows NT®, Windows® 95/98/Me, Windows 2000/XP/Server™ 2003, Novell NetWare®, OS/2, QNX, SCO OpenServer™, SCO UnixWare™
Legacy support only
17.02 cm x 8.90 cm (6.70 in x 3.50 in)
22.10 cm x 8.90 cm (8.70 in x 3.50 in)
0.09 kg (3.25 oz)
0.13 kg (4.50 oz)
ISA bus support, 64K RAM memory (dual ported) with 8K memory window
Power Requirements
Typical (+5V)
1.0 Amps
1.9 Amps
Typical (+12V)
0.80 Amps
0.11 Amps
Typical (-12V)
0.50 Amps
0.11 Amps
System Requirements
ISA Slot
One 16-bit
8K or 32K unused memory address space for static RAM
One unused I/O port address
Operating Temperature
10° C to 55° C (50° F to 131° F)
Storage Temperature
-25° C to +85° C (-13° F to +185° F)
Relative Humidity
5% to 90% (non-condensing)
0 to 12,000 feet (0 to 3,660 meters)
Air Movement
30 CFM forced
Regulatory Approvals
UL 1950, CSA 22.2 No. 950, EN60950
FCC Part 15 (Class B), EN55022 (Class B), ICES 003 (Class B), EN50082-2, AS3548
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