Zebra Z-Select 4000D

Don’t take a Chance on Patient Safety
Putting the right label on an IV bag or blood bag is critical to ensure patient
safety. Not only are our labels optimized to provide the highest quality bar
codes, but Zebra carefully selects and tests our IV bag and blood bag label
materials to meet the print durability and adhesive safety standards required
in the healthcare industry. Utilizing FDA 175.105-compliant adhesives, our IV
bag and primary blood bag labels are safe to apply directly onto bags. Our
secondary blood bag labels are designed to be applied onto existing blood
bag labels. The bottom line: Zebra printers and labels are the safest choice
for your IV bag and blood bag labeling requirements.
Zebra® IV Bag and Blood Bag Label Solutions
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IV Bag Unit Dose Labels
Media Descriptions
Z-Select 4000D
3.5” x 1” Perforated between labels
Blood Bag
Z-Select™ 4000D
A 6.3 mil top-coated bright white direct
thermal paper with a special FDA
175.105-compliant acrylic-based cold
temperature adhesive. Service
temperature -65° F to 140° F (-54° C
to 60° C).
Z-Select 4000D
4” x 1” Perforated between labels
8000T Primary Blood Bag
A 7.9 mil matte white polypropylene
thermal transfer label with an FDA
175.105 compliant freezer-grade
acrylic adhesive. Service temperature 65° F to 140° F (-54° C to 60° C).
Primary Blood Bag
8000T Blood Bag
A 7.7 mil matte white polypropylene
thermal transfer label with an acrylic
adhesive. Service temperature -40° F
to 250° F (-40° C to 121° C).
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8000T Blood Bag
8000T Primary Blood Bag
2” x 3” Perforated between labels
4” x 4” With corner face slit
Zebra IV and blood bag products have been evaluated for
compliance with 21 CFR 175.105. It is the user’s
responsibility to ensure the safety of this product’s use for
their specific application.
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