reflecta Slideprojector 2500 AF-IR
The reflecta 2500 AF-IR is an Autofocus-Slideprojector with IR (Infrared)
remote control. Equipped for 6 magazine systems (CS, Universal, LKM and
all Paximat magazines) with automatic magazine adaptation, automatic
focusing and a powerful 250 Watt Halogen lamp offers the reflecta 2500 AFIR a high comfort.
reflecta 2500 AF-IR
(Art.No. 16802)
IR (Infrared) Remote Control
with one button for slide changing
for-/backwards as well as a device for a laser
pointer (laser pointer optional)
For automatic focusing
Large Focusing Wheel
For exact basic focusing of the first slide
Halogen Lamp 24V / 250 W
Powerful halogen lamp of high luminosity
produces a brilliant image in natural colours
For single slide projection
Precision lens guide with ball-bearing
For especially smooth and easy focus setting
even when using heavy tele or zoom lenses
reflecta 2500 AF-IR
Pre-Viewing Screen
Anti-Jamming -System
Pull-out Carrying Handle
On/off Switch and Compartment
for mains cable
Lens: 2,8 / 90mm MC
Dimensions appr.:
304 x 291 x 136 mm
Weight appr.: 5,7 kg
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