Properly Cancelling a Print Job

Properly Cancelling a Print Job
Should it be necessary to suddenly stop a job, use the following steps to cancel the job in a clean
fashion, such that you can get started with the next job promptly (under no circumstance should
you disconnect the USB cord from the printer or computer to abort a job):
1. In the RIP, right-click the job and choose Abort (Ensure the Auto-Return is OFF)
2. Windows will open a Port Locked dialog. Do not close
this dialog.
3. The media table will eject and the carriage will move back and forth on the x-axis
4. Wait for a solid green light on the Printer Control panel (There is a pause before the
carriage performs it’s last pass on the x-axis so be sure it is truly done aborting)
5. Return to the Port Locked dialog and click Unlock to continue.
6. Right-Click the job and select Clear Error
At this point, the printer should be ready
to process new jobs, and buffer data
from the cancelled job will have been