Philips Do-It-Yourself clipper hair clipper QC5550/15

Philips Headgroom
Do it yourself head
180° rotating head
The best balder
Zero millimetre, 100% reach
corded and cordless
A perfectly smooth and precisely shaved head with the Philips do-it-yourself Headgroom
Shave or trim. Perfect results without help.
• Shave: Balder attachment for a smooth and precise shave
• 180° rotating head for 100% reach
• Adjustable zoom ring for easy length settings
• Contour-following combs for speed and comfort
• Skin-friendly blades and combs are gentle on skin
• Quick Charge Power System: 1hr/60 minutes cordless use
• Fully washable for easy cleaning
• Soft touch grip for easy and comfortable handling
• Includes hand-held mirror and storage pouch
• Corded and cordless use
• Battery charging, full and low indication
• Self-sharpening blades
• Lubrication for life
Do it yourself head groomer
180° rotating head corded and cordless
Balder attachment
2D Contour-following comb
100% Washable
3. Shave your own head easily and comfortably.
The balder attachment clips on and off easily
and guarantees a smooth shave without the
nicks and cuts that can be caused by blades.
The 2D combs gently follow the contours of
your head for a smooth, even and comfortable
hair cut.
Conveniently washes under the tap for a
thorough clean.
Soft touch grip
180° rotating head
Makes trimming or shaving your own head
easier than ever. Simply select the right angle
to comfortably reach all parts of your head
without help.
The rounded edges on the blades and combs
are designed to avoid scratching the skin for a
more comfortable experience.
The soft touch grip provides comfort and
control when using the product.
Includes mirror and pouch
Quick charge battery
Adjustable zoom ring
Easily select and set your desired hair length by
turning the integrated zoom ring. The length
settings are clearly visible on the side of the
The lithium-Ion battery is fully charged in one
hour and provides constant power for up to 60
minutes of cordless use.
The hand-held mirror provides extra visibility
when trimming or shaving the back of your
head. Safely keep your product and
attachments together in the soft storage
Do it yourself head groomer
180° rotating head corded and cordless
Cutting system
Cutter width: 41 mm
Number of length settings: 11
Range of length settings: 0-15 mm
Precision (size of steps): by 2 mm
Comb type: Contour following
Balder attachment (0 mm)
Precision comb (1 to 3 mm)
Small comb (3 to 15 mm)
Ease of use
Maintenance free - No Oil need
Display: Charging indicator
Cleans under the tap
Adjustable guide combs
Power system
Battery type: Li-Ion
Charging time: 1 hour
Running time: 60 minutes
Usage: Corded/cordless
• Shape: Ergonomic
Cleaning brush
Storage pouch
2 guide combs
Balder attachment
• 2-year worldwide guarantee
Issue date 2011-05-31
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