Philips jet Clean cleaning solution HQ200

Jet clean solution
With Cool Breeze scent
Keep a clean shave
For maximum performance
A clean shaver ensures maximum shaving performance. Use your Jet Clean solution with
your Jet Clean system for a thorough cleaning of your shaving heads
Keeps your shaver in perfect condition
• Ensures maximum shaving performance
Cleans and lubricates your shaving heads
• For a thorough clean
New Cool Breeze Scent
• Leaves a fresh scent on your shaving heads
Jet clean solution
With Cool Breeze scent
• Capacity: 300 ml
• Content sufficient for: Up to ~ 1 month of use
• Packaging: 1 bottle
• Usage: Change the liquid after each cleaning
Jet Clean solution
Jet Clean solution cleans and lubricates your shaving
Cleans thoroughly
After cleaning, the shaving heads smell, look and
perform as new.
New Cool Breeze Scent
Fresh scent that will remain on your shaving head, so
you can enjoy a perfectly fresh and clean shave.
Issue date 2011-09-05
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