Remote control
To operate your device from a distance
Check compatibility data
For fast and easy control of your device. Is your old remote control lost or broken? Order
a new one here! Delivered without batteries.
Ease of using Philips spare parts
• Renew your product with original Philips parts
Remote control
Replaceable part
• Fits product types:: 14PT2666/01, 14PT2666/05,
14PT2666/05R, 14PT2666/58, 15PT2966/01,
15PT2967/01B, 15PT2967/01S, 15PT2967/58B,
15PT2967/58S, 21PT4406/01, 21PT4406/58,
21PT4416/01, 21PT4416/05, 21PT4420/01,
21PT4420/05, 21PT4426/01, 21PT4426/58,
21PT4438/01, 21PT4457/01, 21PT4457/05,
21PT4457/58, 21PT4458/01, 21PT4458/05,
21PT4458/58, 21PT5306/01, 21PT5401/01,
21PT5401/05, 21PT5401/58, 21PT5407/01,
21PT5407/05, 21PT5407/58, 21PT5408/01,
21PT5408/58S, 21PT5409/01, 21PT5409/05,
21PT5420/01, 21PT5457/01, 21PT5457/05,
21PT5457/58, 21PT5458/01, 21PT5507/01,
21PT5507/05, 21PT5507/58, 21PT5509/01,
21PT5518/01, 21PT5518/05, 21PT5518/58,
21PT5520/01, 21PT5520/05, 21PT5520/58,
21PT5606/01, 21PT5606/58, 24PW6006/01,
24PW6006/05, 24PW6407/01, 24PW6407/05,
24PW6518/01, 24PW6518/05, 25PT4107/58,
25PT4426/01, 25PT4457/01, 25PT4457/05,
25PT4457/21, 25PT4457/58, 25PT4458/01,
25PT4458/05, 25PT5007/01, 25PT5007/58,
25PT5107/01, 25PT5107/58, 28PT4406/01,
28PT4406/58, 28PT4408/01, 28PT4418/01,
28PT4418/05, 28PT4426/01, 28PT4438/01,
28PT4457/01, 28PT4457/05, 28PT4457/58,
28PT4458/01, 28PT4458/05, 28PT4557/01,
28PT4657/01, 28PT5007/01, 28PT5007/58,
28PT5008/01, 28PT5107/01, 28PT5107/58,
28PW5407/01, 28PW5407/05, 28PW5408/01,
28PW6006/01, 28PW6006/05, 28PW6006/21,
28PW6006/25, 28PW6006/48, 28PW6006/58,
28PW6008/01, 28PW6008/05, 28PW6008/58,
28PW6106/05, 28PW6108/01, 28PW6206/01,
28PW6306/01, 28PW6408/01, 28PW6408/05,
28PW6420/01, 28PW6420/05, 28PW6506/01,
28PW6506/05, 28PW6506/58, 28PW6517/01,
28PW6517/05, 28PW6518/01, 28PW6518/05,
28PW6518/58, 28PW6520/01, 28PW6520/05,
29PT5306/01, 29PT5306/01E, 29PT5407/01,
29PT5407/21, 29PT5408/01, 29PT5458/01,
29PT5460/01, 29PT5506/01, 29PT5506/01E,
29PT5506/58, 29PT5507/01, 29PT5507/21,
29PT5507/58, 29PT5509/01, 29PT5518/01,
29PT5520/01, 29PT5520/58, 29PT5606/01,
29PT5606/58, 32PW5407/01, 32PW5407/05,
32PW5407/21, 32PW5407/25, 32PW6006/01,
32PW6006/05, 32PW6006/21, 32PW6006/25,
32PW6006/48, 32PW6006/58, 32PW6408/01,
32PW6408/05, 32PW6420/01, 32PW6420/05,
32PW6506/01, 32PW6506/05, 32PW6506/58,
32PW6517/01, 32PW6517/05, 32PW6518/01,
32PW6518/05, 32PW6518/58, 32PW6520/01,
32PW6520/05, 72TA5216/03, 72TA5216/11
• Fits product type:: 29PT5507/94
Issue date 2012-02-15
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Easy replacement
From time to time your product needs a facelift, and
with Philips consumer replacement parts to renew
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