Remote control
Controls your device remotely
Fast and easy control of your device by pressing the buttons.
Ease of using Philips spare parts
• Renew your product with original Philips parts
Remote control
Replaceable part
• Fits product types:: 14PT1342/43, 14PT1532/00,
14PT1532/00B, 14PT1532/01, 14PT1532/05,
14PT1532/07, 14PT1532/11, 14PT1542/00,
14PT1542/05, 14PT1542/15, 14PT1542/20,
14PT1542/20S, 14PT1542/21, 14PT1542/25,
14PT1542/43, 14PT1542/58, 14PT1542/58H,
14PT1542/60, 14PT1552/00, 14PT1552/01,
14PT1552/11, 14PT1552/58, 14PT1553/00,
14PT1553/01, 14PT1553/05, 14PT1553/15,
14PT1553/20, 14PT155B/00, 14PT155B/13,
14PT1562/00, 14PT1563/01, 14PT1563/07,
14PT1563/11, 14PT1563/11W, 14PT1563/15,
14PT1563/43, 14PT1563/58, 14PT1563/58H,
14PT1563/60, 14PT1573/11, 15PT156B/00,
15PT156B/01, 15PT156B/13, 17PT156B/00,
17PT156B/25, 17PT156B/58P, 20PT1342/43,
20PT1542/43, 20PT1542/58, 20PT1542/58H,
20PT1552/00, 20PT1552/07, 20PT1552/11,
20PT1553/00, 20PT1553/01, 20PT1553/07,
20PT1553/11, 20PT1553/43, 20PT1553/58,
20PT1553/58H, 20PT1553/60S, 20PT155B/00,
20PT155B/07, 20PT155B/13, 21PT1532/05,
21PT1532/58, 21PT1532/58H, 21PT1542/43,
21PT1542/58, 21PT1542/58H, 21PT1653/00,
21PT1653/01, 21PT1653/11, 21PT1653/15,
21PT1653/43, 21PT1653/58, 21PT1653/58H,
21PT1653/58P, 21PT1653/58Y, 25PT4103/01,
25PT4103/05, 25PT4103/07, 25PT4103/11,
28PT4103/00, 28PT4103/01, 28PT4103/39,
28PT4103/58, 28PT4103/60, 28PT4204/00,
28PT4224/11, 37TA1432/03, 37TA1463/03,
37TA1463/16, 37TA1471/03, 37TA1471/08,
37TA1473/03, 37TA1473/16, 37TA1473/18,
51TA1471/03, 51TA1471/05, 51TA1471/08,
51TA1471/16, 51TA1471/25, 51TA1472/03,
51TA1472/08, 51TA1472/11, 51TA1472/18,
51TA1473/03, 51TA1473/11, 51TA1473/16,
51TA1473/18, 52TA1471/03, 52TA1471/08,
52TA1471/11, 52TA1471/16, 52TA1472/03,
52TA1472/08, 52TA1472/11, 52TA1472/16,
63TA4011/08, 63TA4011/16, 70TA4011/08,
Issue date 2011-10-20
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Easy replacement
From time to time your product needs a facelift, and
with Philips consumer replacement parts to renew
your product, it's never been so easy! All this with
guaranteed Philips quality and 1:1 exchange.