Philips Cappuccinatore HD5049

For the automatic frothing of milk
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Do you like a good cappuccino or latte macchiato? This black cappuccinatore, or milk
frother, makes your milk deliciously foamy. It fits several Saeco espresso machines,
including the Royal Professional and Magic Capp.
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Replaceable part
0351.00J.77R, 0351.00K.77V, 0351.0AU.77L,
0351.0BR.77Q, 0351.0CH.77E, 0351.0RC.77J,
0351.0US.77G, 0366.00B.77C, 0366.00I.77C,
0366.0AU.77L, 0366.0CH.77E, 721435203,
• Fits product types: 711440032, 711440332,
711440832, 711514009, 711514309, 711520009,
711521209, 711720009, 721440032, 721440332,
721440832, 0351.00B.77C, 0351.00F.77C,
Issue date 2011-11-16
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