gear for your laptop lifestyle
Flak Jacket Advanced, lightweight armor for your laptop
Most neoprene sleeves only provide
scratch protection. The Flak Jacket
combines low resilience, shock
absorbing foam with corrugated
plastic stiffeners to provide complete
protection for your laptop in a slim,
lightweight and compact solution.
Not only is the low resillience foam
more environmentally friendly than
neoprene, but in the event of a fall,
it’s friendlier to your computer as well.
When the computer is removed, the
rigid case becomes a lapdesk,
shielding your lap from excessive
This fall, don’t let your laptop leave
the house without its jacket!
• compact design fits easily into backpacksor other bags
• maximum protection for its size
• becomes a lapdesk, shielding your lap from excessive heat
• Shock absorbing Low Resilience Polyurethane Foam
• 2 ply (set at 90° to one another) corrugated plastic armor
LRPu Foam
corrugated armor
ripstop nylon
• perimeter LRPu foam padding
• ripstop nylon exterior surfaces
• constructed using the finest expedition grade fabrics
10” models: $29.95
FJ010BLK, FJ010RD, FJ010RB
LRPu Foam
13” models: $34.95
FJ013BLK, FJ013RD, FJ013RB
ripstop nylon
15” models: $34.95
FJ015BLK, FJ0`15RD, FJ015RB